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Marisa: Smart Lady Speaks Her Program


Don't Look Up!
Aug 26, 2011
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“The expectation around the program at UConn was that you would win every game. I don’t know that people always realized how much went into the pressure of that for the players, for the coaches, for everyone around, where losing was just not an option.”

Replicating anything Geno Auriemma has accomplished is borderline impossible — not just for Moseley, but for 99 percent of the coaches in America. After experiencing 331 wins and only 14 losses at UConn, Moseley is off to a 4-3 start at BU (not including Wednesday’s game at UMass). She’s tried to implement many of the same principles she learned under her protégé while keeping her expectations reasonable.

“There’s only one him,” Moseley said of Auriemma. “So, you can’t do everything exactly how he does it. I obviously don’t have the players that he has, so I’ve tried to take pieces of what he did offensively. … But it wouldn’t be fair to carbon-copy it. At the same time, from a culture standpoint, I’m trying to bring that to the table.”

Auriemma, now in his 34th season at UConn, said the advice he often gives first-year coaches is to be patient. He delivered that same message to Moseley after she accepted the job last April.

“Give it time,” Auriemma said. “It’s a big difference coaching at UConn and coaching at BU. You have to not change your expectations, but you’ve got to change your expectations. It’s not an easy thing to do. Like, I don’t want to have lower standards just because we don’t have the same level of talent. I still want these kids to be able to do certain things, but I’ve got to understand I’m not coaching Stewie.”

Former UConn assistant Marisa Moseley off to a winning start at Boston University

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