Mamadou update

Aug 26, 2011
diarra will be back at some point... this shouldn't open the door to akok playing in the spring. that would mean seven guys are competing for minutes at the 4 and 5 spots..

the program is best served by keeping akok hidden in the weight room, away from nba scouts until next fall.

PS- i dont understand the sid playing PF talk at all. he's only 177 lbs! that's less than everyone on the roster except vital who's barely six feet tall!
Who plays the 4 for us depends on who the opposing team puts on the floor. Wilson or Polley should work against a stretch 4. A power forward 4 would require Carlton, Coob or Yakwe. I don’t see any other options.
Aug 27, 2011
I think we can scratch the idea of ever expecting anything from Diarra, if it happens it happens but certainly nothing should be expected. Hopefully he can somehow get over the injuries and have a successful career but it's chronic stuff.
Sounds like someone whose been around the athletic trainer’s office. At some point, you need to do the analysis between what Diarra can contribute basketball wise vs. exacerbating arthritis impact for life. Just Chief’s opinion, I would choose the later and move on. Granted, tough for a young guy to do.