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Legit player comparisons of the FROSH

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Oct 16, 2011
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After last season, I can't believe how much I've been following this team, essentially everyday, checking the old board, going to UconnBall, now I'm even reading the Courant (skeptically at times).

This team has so much potential, maybe the most in Uconn history, and with a softer beginning of the schedule, a pretty good chance to head into Big East play with some swagger and an undefeated record (all I want is a #1 seed out in the West, we're pretty good out there).

But there seems to be a lot of talk about the new guys, especially Boat and DD and who their games remind you of:

Ryan Boatright, speed, athleticism, playmaking, scoring ability = KEMBA WALKER, 2008-2009 UCONN HUSKIES. Kemba came off the bench, injected some serious speed and playmaking ability. Was never a real threat to take over AJ's job (floor general aka Shabazz) but you could see glimpses (I know Mizzou did)

D'Andre Daniels, late add, top talented player, wing who can drive/dribble score, as well as light up outside = CHARLIE VILLANUEVA. Charlie was a player who could start on 95% of other teams, was straight versatile the moment he was on the floor and had the ability to take over games.

Before adding #12, this team was poised for a great run, and playing and winning a National Title was reasonable. The stepping up AO, the maturation of Jeremy Lamb into one of the top 2#'s in the country, the length of Roscoe, and Boat/DD off the bench, we were easily a 5-10# ranked team.

Then #12 tweeted, and the season changed. He doesn't have a comparison, the closest would be the aforementioned Dwight Howard/Amare Stoudamire. Neither played College so we don't know how dominating they could have been on this level, but the players he is currently compared to, are no comparison. Anthony Davis in Kentucky, are you kidding me, he bangs in the paint, he'll pull a David Blaine, bam he's gone. The lug nuts up in Syracuse, again, #12 can straight dominate them. He has the ability to take over games, take them over big time to the point that all shots will be taken from the outside. In the past, we've historically sucked with perimeter D, too many Novak, Rice (from Miami), Hansborough dominated games. Not now, with LAMB, SMITH, DANIELS, the three point shooters will have about 10' of length in their face.

What is to be expected? The beginning of the year, we go through the growing motions on Offense. Are we a half court team, are we transition? I think we show that we can do both. But the beginning of the year will be D, D, D FENSE!! I'd expect some dominating Defensive performances up until Big East play, smothering, limiting, frustrating, and scary. No one, in 2012, when the year starts will want to face off vs the top 3 ranked 14-0 Huskies.
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