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Aug 29, 2011
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I just zoomed through the TV recording, because I couldn't believe what I was seeing as it actually happened earlier today. But it did happen. All of it. From first play to last. I thought our defense played well, had a great game plan, but got beat by physically superior talent, for 21 points. It hurts to write, but that's what happened on those long pass plays. I thought special teams set the tone, as they always do, except this time it was bad again. I thought our offensive game plan was perfect. I thought our offensive play was putrid.

It's very frustrating, because there's nothing I want to see more, than our team to succeed. For our players to get out there, and have the opportunity to make a play - AND THEN MAKE THE DAMN PLAY!!!. It's one thing to be physically dominated, but we werent physically dominated, we controlled scrimmage, on both sides of the ball.

We beat ourselves though in this game. Unforced errors. So badly it's sickening. Many people will blame coaching. I don't agree. If the ball hits you between the numbers, and it drops. THat's not a coaching problem. If a receiver is wide open, and is overthrown by 10 yards, or needs to come to a stop and get acrobatic just to stay in bounds rather than take it in stride to te goal, that's not coaching.

If a team like Louisville, with a powerful run defense comes into our stadium, and we come out with a game plan that's meant to attack through the air, that makes sense. If the pass plays are there and the receivers are open, and the QB has time, to get the ball there, that's coaching that's working. IF a RB has a clear path around the wide side of the field to the goal, and trips on the paint of the gridiron on the field, that's not a coaching problem.

We controlled scrimmage in this game. Players made mistakes. Coaches made mistakes. THose things happen in games. But, players were in position to make plays. OVER AND OVER. They failed. OVER AND OVER.

If I were a neutral observer, and never seen either team before, the painfully obvious common denominator, as to why we came out of this game with an L isntead of a W, is that we were beaten by a physically superior and talented team on the field at the majority of the positions on the field other than the guys playing the line of scrimmage on either side. You can't hide what happened today.

From opening kickoff to the final play where a louisville defensive lineman demonstrated perfect form in a two handed catch away from the pads, and then a tuck into the correct elbow and run. We were beat by a team that had better players, and that's all that happened.

That hurts for me to write, because I know our players are better than what they did today. They need to put it behind them and get back in the saddle. Because the competition is not over.

That was frustrating.

On to Rutgers, and senior day.
Aug 28, 2011
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Maybe we shouldn't have bye weeks going forward... We play horrendous with way too much time off...


Loving life & enjoying the ride, despite the bumps
Aug 26, 2011
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glad I wasn't able to watch. They've been painful to watch too often this season
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