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Jul 9, 2014
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this is my first created thread so i'm just going to wade in a bit. i'm pretty sure that there are quite a few BY'ers who do not live in state and are not up on a lot of what is happening with recruiting, games, players, etc..., so before i go any further, i offer thanks to all those who post information in these areas.

living out of state, info on UCONN is hard to come by so i come here almost every day to find out what is going on and to get my UCONN fix. there is alot of info out there, some true and some not so true, i totally understand that. i guess the point i'm trying to make is this; because some of us don't live close by and aren't innundated with UCONN information, is it possible for others on this board to share things (pertaining to UCONN, had to make sure that door was slammed shut!) that us out of staters cannot readily get. i can only handle so much from "the followers", i want to hear about "the leader" of the pack, the UCONN huskies and what they have to say and what they are doing.

i have never lived in Ct., i was born there many, many years ago and i love everything UCONN, especially basketball, that is my passion. i am as anxious as anyone else whenever anything has to do with the huskies and want to know just as badly as the next guy, so this is where i come for that information. please keep doing what you are doing and thank you for all the posts which run the gamut, from one extreme to the other and sometimes straight off the cliff! sometimes, i find myself laughing my head off at some of the responses, there are some funny BY'ers here, keep it up.

again, thanks for those, who are in the know, who post the latest news, i appreciate that, you make my day.
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