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Sep 1, 2011
This is the 3rd game in a row where the other team has been successful with a near full court pressure defense.

By the time we got the ball past mid-court and got into our sets, there was only 10-15 seconds left on the shot clock. With that happening consistently, our guards play tentatively getting the ball up the court and then suddenly feel rushed as the shot clock winds down. There's no flow or rhythm for an offense that's already struggling without Bouk. Not to mention, we also turned the ball over a few times vs pressure because, outside of Cole, it guards don't have great handles.

Part of me understands that slowing the game down on offense without Bouk makes sense. But over the course of the whole game, it hurts our offense. Our guards get worn down by the end of games after being pressured every possession and playing to the end of the shot clock.

This is the 3rd game in a row where the team didn't handle pressure well and Hurley has made no adjustments.

Why not make some attempts to beat the press and get easy looks at the rim? Push a bit and force a foul. Adams had a chance at one point but refused to attack and reset the offense. The best way to stop a team from pressing is to beat the press and score some easy buckets.

Any time UConn has tried to press ourselves this year, it always gets squashed by the other team slow-walking a big in front of the ball handler to create a "legal" moving screen. Why not do that to alleviate pressure instead of playing against it all game?

Hurley has really gotten exposed with lack of adjustments throughout the year, but this one has really stuck out to me. If we can break press and get into our sets sooner, you have to think our offense would improve.

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