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Aug 26, 2011
  1. I missed the first 10 minutes of the game because MSU/Illinois found a way to play for 2-1/2 hours without going to OT. The screen kept showing a note that we were on FS2, but Youtube TV didn't seem to agree.
  2. What I got to see of the first half was ugly. For both squads, but more so for us than them.
  3. Bouk was still playing timid and losing control every time he dribbled into traffic.
  4. About 8 minutes into the 2d half, Bouk seemed to start feeling more like himself, and just like that, we looked like a different team. And Bouk ended up with 20 and 10., which there was no way I would have expected the way he was playing in the first half.
  5. These announcers were calling Sanogo Sunoco, too. Maybe it's a Fox rule?
  6. Seems like only 2 weeks ago, I never wanted to see Cole on the floor again. Now I love him.
  7. We won the battle of the boards by 16. Nine on the offensive end!
  8. Cole had a great line. 17 pts, 5 boards, 7 dimes and 6 steals in 34 minutes. An no turnovers.
  9. Especially in the 2nd half, Martin really showed a nose for the ball and a willingness to go out and get it.
  10. It was a mostly ugly game, but when we got clicking, it got much smoother, and I actually started breathing easier.

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