Ho-Hum....we have been through this before....

Feb 8, 2017
So the polls are starting to come out and Uconn is not ranked number 1.

Ho-hum. As if we all haven't seen this before. Like the past 8 years, UConn has control over their destiny. Its up to another team to take it away from them. At best a tough undertaking.

Samuelson, Collier and Dangerfield are the three best players at their position in the Country. Walker will have a spectacular year; she is too athletic, strong, quick and fundamentally sound not to.

Walker will expect to become great. Like all the great ones before her Geno will deliver her to the promised land.

UConn has three pro-ready players now, all 1st round draft choices and, I suspect, in Walker a 4rth by year's end. No team including Oregon, ND or Baylor comes close.

It will take an off UConn night for any team in the country to have a chance to beat UConn this year. No one has a chance of beating Uconn when they are on. They will repeat as WCBB best defenders.

Remember that if it had not been for the spectacularly awful call in ND's favor in the last three seconds of last year's championship game (if ever an asterisk should be after a win, this is the one) no one outside of ND would be talking about ND as the team to beat this year.

Uconn is the most probable team to run the table this year. I seriously doubt the players on any team, including ND, who have to play the Huskies this year look at them as underdogs.

I hope ND's most probable loss to UConn this year in December puts the nonsense to bed.