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Oct 6, 2013
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can TJ come out and play???
You can only dream. As you may recall my only post:
Weist in Short Sleeves
Discussion in 'UConn Football' started by NorwalkHusky, Nov 30, 2013.

"Being cold, like being determined to win, is just a state of mind."
Woody Hayes, known for wearing short sleeves on a freezing day
Short sleeves are an old coaching tradition regarding mental toughness, solidarity, sharpening of the mind. Weist comes in with "one hell of a pedigree" as Warde puts it, for a reason. Perkins. Curry. Moeller. Jack Harbaugh. Bryant. Schembechler. He has coached and consults and continues not only friendships with them, but also with alum, old money alum from Michigan and Alabama. Warde knows this, he has to. Weist has respect for tradition given he grew up steeped in Notre Dame football-both parents and grandparents have some heavy history there.
TJW was injured for his senior year but still managed to be a walk on for Alabama, then he moves on to coach at the University of Michigan. He hasn't been HC yet but how many WR coaches are head coaches? His experience add up in his record: 16 WR to the NFL, 11 Bowl games. He has had the following positions: AHC, WR, TE, OC, recruiting, recruiting coordinator and 2012 once again taking a leadership role: Weist and a skeleton staff coach and win the 2012 Belk Bowl game.
Butch Jones: "He is a great individual. He has a great family, he is a family man and an individual of the highest character. He is extremely competitive and very detailed. He is detail-orientated in everything that he does. The other thing is he genuinely cares about the kids. Academics are important; the way he charts their progress, holds them accountable."
Don't forget the guts it takes to even take on the mess 4 hellish games in and a 2012 record of only 2 conference wins, 5 overall, short 2 coaches for the remainder of the season, 5 injuries, 1 arrest, 2 freshman QB, a lost D, a struggling O. So far at UConn: honest, ethical, humble, gives it to you straight, works-his-ass-off, stands behind his team, gives credit, takes responsibility, has his team believing they can win, and they are. They may not be the "right" teams and time in hindsight, but it's an accomplishment to bring them through all of this."

The spectacular, beautiful, and impeccable, You-had-the-best-man-out-there"Mrs Weist"

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