Guess at the 2020-21 two deep depth chart

Apr 24, 2018
I think this team may go as far as Richie goes this year in some ways. We have a glaring hole at the 4, and he's our only option that is a true 4-man. Being able to role out a legit, skilled 6'10 220lb 4 might put us in top 25 conversations.

Richie is probably a tough one to predict his play for the coaches. He seems to be a 4/5 tweener from everything I've seen and heard. Is he going to be good but not great at everything? Or will the lack of any one specialty mean he isn't good enough to play at all? Would a year at Brewster have helped his development, or did the time with assistant coaches and Sal develop his skill set? A lot of question marks.

There also just aren't a lot of highlights on him. From what I've heard he's a rim runner without much back to the basket skill. Seems to have a left and right hand at the rim. Fantastic rebounder, great at putbacks. Developing a jump shot and face up game more than back to the basket. Hurley praised his athleticism, but I wouldn't call him above average really.

Taking advantage of his size on offense, and limiting opponents probably having quicker/smaller guys at the 4 most nights will be a big job for Hurley and the staff.

Springs maybe a young Kentan facey type or am I off?
Aug 12, 2017
i'm back to thinking the transfer rule passes, so:

cole (25)-gaffney (20)
bouk (30)-adams (10)
martin (25)-jackson (15)
whaley (25)-polley (20)
carlton (20)-springs (10)

i think these are reasonable expectations:
1. carlton loses ~15 lbs dieting. at 6'10 245 he can play like he did as a sophomore.
2. springs grows ~1" and gains ~5 lbs. at 6'10 225 he can play C.
3. poppers keeps working on his jumper so he can play PF (he has to if we get sanogo).
4. polley gains ~5 lbs rehabbing. at 6'9 210 he can play stretch 4.
5. martin is a better shooter than jackson for now. can't have three non-shooters in the lineup.
6. both PGs wont start b/c it preserves depth and simplifies the deep wing rotation.
Im not sure about Martin being a better shooter then jackson right now. I have watched a bunch of Jackson games and I was really shocked at how well he shot from outside. They said he could not shoot well last year at all from outside but that he had improved tremendously.
Mar 19, 2015
Basketball teams typically have a rotation of about 8 players. A true 2-deep in basketball

It's meaningless regardless. Typical basketball rotations have about 8 players.

This team might actually go 10 deep. I can’t imagine any of Cole, Gaffney, Adams, Bouknight, Jackson, Martin, Polley, Springs, Whaley, or Carlton not playing meaningful minutes.
Dec 8, 2015
Springs maybe a young Kentan facey type or am I off?

Facey was much more athletic, better shotblocker. Springs has a better perimeter game, and I expect will be a better rebounder by minutes from the get-go. Both are kind of 4/5 tweeners. And in terms of purely size, pretty similar. Springs is around 6'10 220, Facey was listed at 6'10 225 his senior year if I remember correctly.
Jun 25, 2019
So many combos and guys playing multiple spots, but I'm most looking forward to:

Martin (if eligible)

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