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Grading Big East Coaches

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Aug 27, 2011
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At the 2/3's point of the Big East season, where do the coaches stand? In my opinion, they are:

Greg Schiano - B - if there was some way to separate what Schiano does from Sunday through kickoff, I would give him an A-. This team plays hard and has more playmakers on both sides than I expected. Offense is OK, which is a lot better than anyone expected. Schiano's problem is that he is worth about 7 points for the other team on gameday. His clock management at the end of the first half of UNC cost him that game, and he had some issues during the WVU game too. He should just hand off the play calling to the coordinators like Paterno or Bowden did, and he would win 1-2 more games a year.

Skip Holtz - C+ - Daniels is not a winner, nor is he the right QB for Holtz's system. Daniels just does not make good decisions on big downs, and that is why they are 0-4 with 3 very close losses. They can beat any team left on their schedule, and I expect them to beat at least one of WVU or Miami. He would be better off moving on from Daniels, because with all the playmakers USF has, they don't need Daniels trying to win the game by himself. They need an Eveld that can just get the ball to the playmakers.

Charlie Strong - A- - Starting Bridgewater cost them two games, FIU and Marshall, but now that move is paying off. A year from now, this will be the best team in the Big East.

Butch Jones - B+ - I was 75% wrong on Jones. I thought he was a choker and in over his head. He has done a really good job with a Cincinnati team that is underwhelming on defense, and very good, but not really great, on offense. I still think he panicked with some of his 4th down calls against a Tennessee team he should have at least been close against, if not beat, but he has pulled out some close games and buried inferior opponents since.

Doug Marrone - B - may be the best game coach in the league, so I will give him an A there, but he is in his third year and the roster looks like a high quality MAC team. Yesterday was the first game against a major conference opponent this year where I thought UConn had the better athletes.

Holgerson - C - I am completely underwhelmed. He appears to be the prototypical great coordinator who should not be a head coach. Discipline is slipping badly. The team plays out of control and makes a lot of mistakes. Geno Smith is one of the 5 best QB's in the country, and Casteel has always had great D's, so how is WVU losing to teams like Louisville and Syracuse? This should be a Top 10-15 teams.

Graham - D - He may be Kragthorpe/GRob #3. Too much talent on this team to get blown out by Rutgers or Utah. Sunsieri is not getting better, and the defense has coughed up 2 big fourth quarter leads.

Pasqualoni - B- - covered elsewhere. Cupboard is not well stocked, but he has to take responsibility for some puzzling play calling every week.
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