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Geno's Comments On His Use of Bench Players

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Jul 19, 2013
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It doesn't matter how great your bench is if you can't force UConn to go to theirs. UConn's starting five is the best in the country, and the top 6 can go for 40 minutes without missing a beat. So use your subs all you want, but if they aren't in the top five on their own team, how do you expect them to compete with UConn's top five?
Exactly. Just ask Muffet after last year's game. She said they thought they would have a chance if UConn was forced to go to their bench but "their starting five are so good they didn't sub, and that was the difference." Muffet was referring to the fact that she had to start subbing in fresh legs 5 minutes into the second half while UConn's starters stayed in deep into the game until it was out of reach for ND.


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Jan 27, 2014
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I'm am fully aware of SC's bench prowess, which is why a stated it in my previous post.

My contention is simply this..

UConn has proven, including in a most dominate 40 and oh campaign, that a 6 player rotation is adequate if all 6 players are at an elite level and foul issues are kept to a minimum. It should be clear by now, that UConn is perhaps the nation's most adept team at playing lock-down defense without fouling and since only 5 players are allowed on the floor at any given time, an opponents bench is rarely the dictator of game outcomes.

As deep as SC's bench is, the Husky bench has 2 very capable subs, along with a serviceable 3rd and since their starting 5 consists of 4 of the top players in the country, along with a very solid freshman who are rarely in foul trouble, I just don't see the game coming down to the length of SC's bench. There is no way SC is going to somehow wear UConn out by running in players. That just does not happen against Geno's teams. Nobody wears out a UConn team, I don't care how deep their bench is.

SC flops??? I've watched them some this year and haven't really noticed that.

There will be a home court advantage for the Huskies, no doubt. Although if UConn flew to Palo Alto tonight, the way they are playing with the revamped line-up since the early meeting, they would run Stanford off their floor. I only hope they get a chance to play Stanford again in the tournament.

We don't; it was my attempt at humor taking your term of the "Flopping Irish" and converting it to our shortened nickname. :cool:
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