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Fort the ead!
Aug 26, 2011
  1. Right from the get-go, the officiating was absurd. When we had 5 fouls and 2 travels in the first 5 minutes, I predicted that we would be in the double bonus before the half, then the refs would call a bunch of late stuff on Auburn to even up the #s a little, without getting them into the double bonus. That is exactly what happened. Meanwhile Auburn mugged Jalen and Larrier whenever they went inside, and no whistles until late in the half, by which time we were already hopelessly down. We weren't going to win that game anyway, the way were were playing, but dammit, the refs made absolutely sure we were in position to get our throats stepped on.
  2. At 10:50 Larrier made perhaps the most telegraphed pass in the history of basketball. In tended for Vital, I think, but cleanly intercepted by an Auburn guy. Yeah, I know he's the big time scorer. But between his lousy shooting percentage, his lousy handle and plays like that telegraphed pass, I'd just as soon see him play single digit minutes.
  3. Remember the first few games of the season, then AA could shoot? Other than a few long rebounds, he's pretty much worthless now. 0 for 10 from the field ain't getting it done, son. There is no way he should have been on the floor for 35 minutes today. Vital played infinitely better than him today, and only saw 20 minutes on the floor.
  4. Cobb at the line, just before the ref tosses him the ball for the 2nd shot, there's a substitution, and the new TN player walks directly in front of him. Almost brushes him. Saw that before -- at Tennessee, and at St John's when Satan was the coach. It's done really purposefully. Guess it's one of the things Pearl coaches. Was happy that Cobb made the FT anyway.
  5. 50 seconds left in the half, I got to watch the ugliest rebounding sequence in history. Not even sure who ended up with it, but neither team seemed to want it.
  6. There seemed to be a little life in the team after half-time. Whaley and Jalen made some shots, and Carlton got serious on the offensive boards and ended up scoring after several attempts. But too many bad 3 point attempts and a few turnovers took whatever puff of breeze they had out of their sails pretty quickly.
  7. Five minutes into the 2nd half, the team looks like it has given up. Auburn guard passes behind his back to a wide open three point shooter. He misses the shot. There are 4 Huskies and one Auburn player in the paint. Our guys make no attempt at rebounding. None.
  8. A Jumpman sighting! He comes in not too long after the sequence above, and almost immediately blocks a shot. Doesn't get credit for it, of course. Shortly thereafter, he scores.
  9. Jumpman continues to be engaged and active. Rebounds, saves, screens, DUNKS! Gets fouled and makes the FT. Halleleulah! Someone to actually root for. He ends up with 6 points, 6 rebounds, an assist, and that uncredited block. In 14 minutes. He may not have the best footwork or offensive skills, but he rebounds and at least he has interest in scoring, which none of the other bigs seem to. Why does DO

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