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Future OOC games if in NBE

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Sep 5, 2011
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There has been some hope and speculation that if UConn is left out of realignment and rests in some form of a NBE, it may be able to count on OOC games with WVU, Syracuse, Pittsburg to possibly bolster home schedules.

Don't count on it!

As reported in the Connecticut Post on Thanksgiving, it is speculated that WVU's long time (decades) rivalries , as an independent or member of BE, with Pittsburg and Syracuse will probably end with realignment. In fact, the article went on to say WVU lost long time rivalries with Virginia Tech and BC when they went to the ACC four years ago.

In fact, the article suggested that tonight's "Backyard Brawl" between Pitt and WVU may be the last.....depending on who leaves and when.

So if WVU, or Pitt, or Syracuse have a chance of playing any former BE members OOC, it doesn't sound like UConn will be on their wish list. .......they've only been playing them seven years.......not much of a rivalry.
Sep 3, 2011
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WVU probably would not want to schedule a tough opponent OOC as they will have Texas, OU, OSU and potentially two other top 25 teams in the Big 12. They will play 9 league games, so the remaining three will probably be 1 FCS, 1 MAC and 1 Marshall/ECU type.

I think UConn is not considered a tough opponent by most, so there is probably a decent chance for us to get a series with the departing members. If I were the AD, I certainly would try to get Pitt, SU and BC on the schedule as it could help our ACC prospects. We already have Maryland, NC State and Virginia in our future schedules.
Aug 28, 2011
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if the backyard brawl ceases to be played i'll consider it a huge failure on the part of their respective athletic departments. i thought i heard on the radio this morning that last night may have been the last meeting between TX and TAM. IMO college sports are really hurting itself in the long run in exchange for a few short term bucks (ridiculous considering most are still losing money). these long standing rivalries are what made college sports more interesting than the pros, and it's disappearing.

as far as our OOC schedule i think it's unlikely we'll play too many games against old big east members other than anything that might be mandated during their exit. i'm glad we got our win in against WVU. if the whole BCS bid ceases to exist as some have proposed we'll probably be in line for a lot of home and home deals against MAC and CUSA teams. without the cache of being a BCS team i think we'll have a harder time getting deals that favor us with these types of teams. hopefully we will be able to leverage our other sports into getting a marquee OOC matchup or two per year a long the lines of Michigan and Tennessee
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