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Espn game coverage was good and fair

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Aug 26, 2011
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For those worried about perception - the stadium, crowd and commentary all looked and sounded good. A few notes:

1. For the first time I can recall, the broadcasters said the game was in Hartford rather than East Hartford every single time. Not sure why, but it was deliberate as both guys work for ESPN out of Bristol and one is a local native. They also used a lot of shots of the skyline from close range and helicopter to give the game a city feel.

2. The history of the area was emphasized at a few breaks. A tour of the Mark Twain house was one segment and they mentioned the great history of Hartford.

3. Any reference to the last 3 years of football futility was prefaced with a comment that UConn was really developing and becoming strong in football prior to PP arriving.

4. They said Bob Diaco was brought in to do an immediate and fast rebuild.

5. They said the crowd was great several times during the game.

6. They made no mention of the obvious empty seats at kickoff and didn't comment on attendance and energy until the crowd filled in.

7. They mentioned the gorgeous weather many times.

8. They pointed out Arkeel Newsome and his importance to our future several times.

There were many other positive comments and very few negative ones. I think anyone that watched that broadcast would be harp pressed to complain about anything, especially considering the throttling we took. One might even think ESPN was selling UConn and it's market to someone.....
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