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Drummond & Boatright - Real or Myth

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It's the exam break - with no classes you primarily have time to work on your game coupled with a little academics. Time for a few observations and to call out what is a myth or isn't a myth:
  • Andre Drummond is indeed the real deal. And his pregame mother hug ritual is real also.
  • What was a myth about Andre that some mouthed (i.e. Quinn) was that he was immature. From all reports he has made a great adjustment to college and he seems to be actively participating in all aspects of college life. In short, his maturity is probably past the mid point on the average 18 year old maturity spectrum.
  • I thought his interview with Rudy Gay was insightful. AD's question were good, his presentation was good. An important take away was that Rudy said in hindsight he left UConn with unfinished business and that's partly why he likes to go back there. Of course many of us remember the story how Rudy wanted to change his mind after he announced but he already had missed too many classes.
  • Keep the Gay interview in mind when Andre considers what he will do next year. Normally my thinking is if you are a top 3 pick which I hear Andre is or even a lottery pick - you go. But just like he surprised many in late August my gut tells me it's a 50/50 deal. Another year could happen but I am not predicting it. If he wins the NC, I think he is gone but otherwise there is a real chance of another year.
  • AD likes to dunk. He recently said so - and I believe him!!!!! As Jim Calhoun said his 6 for 7 with 5 dunks is one of the best statitics he has seen all season. Coach isn't looking for finesse but brute power. As General Powell's doctrine says - meet your enemy with overwhelming force.
  • OK on to the BoatShow. Yes, it is a pretty flamboyant nickname and many would think there might be visions of Dyson dancing in my head. Nothing could be further from the truth. This kid and his crew are old school when it comes to doing things the right way in basketball. He listens, works hard and is a student of the game.
  • I had the happenstance to talk to a few members of his Chicago family/crew. Three things that stood out:
    • First, he comes from a very strong family background. His grandparents have been married for 41 years. Some have a track background and at least one girl ran track at Arkansas - so they were used to rooting for Arkansas.
    • Two - man do they know the game - inside and out. At their first UConn game they mention how Giffey taps the ball to teammates, Olander goes to open spots, and knew stuff about Lamb's and Alex's game.
    • The kid's been taught to play with both hands. Many guys his speed in HS just beat you with speed using their strong hand. Ryan can use either hand very well.


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Aug 25, 2011
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As unbelievable as it may sound, Andre is better physically and athletically than he was advertised. Unfortunately (and this could well be due to the massive physical/athletic advantage he always had over his competition) his game is nowhere near as far along as it should have been at this point, He is learning quickly however and he'll be every bit the beast we've been hoping for before he's done here.

Part of me believes that god made Boatright 5'10' (if that) solely because if he were 6'2" they would need to outlaw him.
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