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Dm's Aic Game Recap (the Wings)

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Aug 24, 2011
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As for the wings, Daniels, did a nice job Wednesday night. He hit a beautiful 3, which I think was UConn's only one. JC got his undies all in a bunch when he saw DD put up the 3-finger salute to his forehead after knocking down that shot, something that I'm sure he'll not do again. He was very active on defense. I didn't know what to expect from him on that end of the floor, but came away pleasantly surprised. I think he's going to be a very good defender. He's at his best in transition. He runs the floor well and seems to be a good finisher. He needs time to learn JC's half-court so that he at the right place on the floor at the right time. I think he'll be fine, but expect UConn's half-court to sputter at times as they work in the newbies and the returning players learn to play with them and their own new roles.

With Roscoe sitting out the first half, Giffey got a lot of PT as well. He seemed to earn the ire of his coach a few times. In one particular play, after a failed attempt to come over and trap a teammate's man, he failed to get back to his assignment and gave up a wide open 3. He seemed to have an uneventful game. I had hoped that he'd do more after returning from a summer playing for his national team. Again, it's just the first exhibition game, but you hate to see a player making mistakes and getting into the habit of looking over his shoulder. To his credit, he seems willing to listen when at the sideline, and knows to just run back down court and not react to the constructive comments from the side line.

We got to see Roscoe in the 2nd half and IMO he was the most productive of the 3. Defensively, he picked up where he left off. It seemed whoever he covered, looked harassed and panicked. He was a rebounding fiend, grabbing some boards far above the reaching hands. Scoe was very active around the offensive glass keeping the ball alive. He's going to get a lot of time at the 3 and especially the 4. He give JC a more athletic 4 than Olander, who had a nice game, but not quite the physical presence that he gets with he had AD and AO on the floor together.
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