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Dm's Aic Game Recap (guard Play)

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Aug 24, 2011
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Wooohooo! Tom upped our character limit. I'm back to doing what I do best. I think it was that beer commercial (similar to that Here's to you, Sweat Picker Upper)...might have been the Here's to you, Sports Talk Show Caller or something like that, where it goes, "Talks (Writes in this case) hours more about sports than anyone wishes to listen (read in this instance). :rolleyes: I had this post along with two others on browser tabs that I didn't close out, so I might as well send them out. Better later than never...maybe.

Bazz was a tale of two halves. He did not look sharp at all offensively in the first half. He missed a wide open Drummond on the pick and roll a number of times. They need to figure out a way to deliver the ball more quickly to him when he releases after setting the high screen. Bazz forced up a lot of bad shots in the first half but settled down in the 2nd half and seemed to play more under control. He took some bad threes or threw up a bad shot in traffic. In the second half he did a much better job of driving into the paint and finding the open man or taking a better shots. Hopefully he was just dusting off the rust early on. He had a really sweet crossover and step back J in the 2nd half. The other I can't even describe. I think I shamefully said to my son, that's some Shabazzle Dazzle there, after he completely broke the ankles of his defender and put up a pretty shot in the paint for 2. I would have liked to see Boatright sharing the PG duties to get a good comparison of the two. Let's hope that day will come sooner than later.

Lamb had a very nice game. He was smooth and deadly. He did a nice job of finishing in traffic. He had a few really nice transition dunks. I assume Joe D gave the Lamb Slam on at least one of them. One thing I noticed last year and again this year, he's very good at attacking the basket from angles, but when place at the top of the key, he seems lost and unable to take his man off the dribble. I don't know if it's a instinctual thing, lack of confidence or lack of a quick first step, but he's best when a teammate delivers the ball to him when he's around the elbow. Something to keep an eye on, especially if Boatright is not available for a while and Jeremy is asked to play the point. I hope Ryan's issue is a small one, because his absence has a huge role impact if they are forced to move Lamb from the 2 where he's so dangerous to the 1, and fill someone else in at the 2 who's not well suited for that position either.

The walk-on, Brendan Allen, held his own, though keep in mind it was against AIC. We didn't see that hot-potato thing with the ball you often see w/ inexperienced players. He never seemed to panic and delivered safe crisp passes. He defended very well, which will be his primary purpose. I don't recall him shooting the ball, other than tossing up a wild one while on the fast break as he was falling down. I'm assuming he'll be a bit of a liability offensively unless he is capable of knocking down the open J or driving it to the basket a little bit. He seems to have a pretty good handle for a walk-on, but teams are going to lay off him in the half-court and put a great deal of pressure on whoever is his backcourt mate. That could disrupt our half-court some.
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