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Whistling through the graveyard
Aug 26, 2011
I don't have a lot to offer for this game. I lost concentration pretty quickly after Jalen's injury. That's really the only thing that really means anything from that debacle. Even if it's "just a sprain", I'd be shocked if Jalen's UConn career isn't over. Everything that's happened this year suggests that they will hold off on playing him for as long as prudent, then add a few weeks to that. Exhibits A, B & C -- Diarra, Yakwe & Gilbert. With only 8 regular season games and one month remaining, and no foreseeable chance of extending the post season beyond a game or two in the ACC tourney, what would be the point of rushing him back anyway.
Like I said, very little to analyze from last night. Here's 4 random points.
  1. CV & Carlton led the team in points (18 each) & boards (13 each). CV also led in assists (5). Despite the beating the team took, I'm proud of the way those two often maligned players in particular, stepped up and produced in the face of adversity.
  2. Cobb also had a good effort with 5 boards and 13 points on 60% shooting. The first time that both he and Carlton played well in the same game.
  3. Polley's performance was just an embarrassment. In 29 minutes, his total contribution was one rebound. The only good thing he did was not turn the ball over. The worst I can recall seeing a UConn starter play.
  4. How do you outrebound a team by 11 and lose the game by 18? Well, when the entire 11 point differential is on the offensive board, it probably means you missed a lot of shots. A whole lot of shots.
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Aug 27, 2011
Rich, I think there is a typo relative to Cobb. He had 13 points, not 3. Nice to see both big guys play well in the same game.
Aug 28, 2011
Thanks Rich. Depressing is the operative word. Two double doubles and you would think we would at least be competitive. We were 2 against 5