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    UConn Hockey Confident It Can Beat Anybody And Be Dominant In Hockey East
    UConn hockey coverage took a HUGE hit when Altavilla got the beat and replaced Mike Anthony. He is a lazy k who is just going through the motions! But Cav seems to be getting fired up and having 2 kids in the World Junior Tourney is a HUGE feather in the cap of this staff recruiting wise.
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    I'm not sure if it was just a 1 time thing, but Mike Anthony did the courant article for the last UMass home game.

    UConn Hockey Team Hits Break, And .500, With 3-1 Victory Over UMass

    Much better article and coverage than altavilla. Altavilla is horrible. We need more and better coverage.

    A better team, record, and schedule and it seems attendance is worse than the last couple of yrs. Now is the time to promote and prop up this team to get the casuals and intitial customers during the 1st season to come back. I looked at the blue dots for the Maine game at Webster bank. ...Maybe 500 tickets have been sold

    Where is the marketing of this team?
    During 1st season billboards along the highway and billboards on back of CT Transit buses. The past couple seasons? Nada, zip, nothing. Just promotional emails to people that already have tickets.

    Question: Do non hockey -ST holders that are UConn fans get promo hockey emails?

    Now that football season is over, maybe Anthony will write more articles and cover the hockey team more. I hope so
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