Conference USA Inks Expansive ESPN Deal

Jan 14, 2014
What would have to happen for UConn to return basketball to the Big East at the end of the current media deal? Are we stuck with the next AAC deal no matter what it is or will we leave if it isn't better?

Just curious what people think our timeline is to stay all in on the AAC and football. I'm guessing we stay AAC until 2023 or so no matter what. That is both reassuring in that we have time to get a P5 invite and discouraging, because I'd much rather basketball be playing a Big East schedule for myriad reasons.
The new media deal (assuming no defections) will be way better than the current Big East deal, so it makes little sense to make a move now. See what the AAC deal is, ride it out until the other conference contracts settle. If no invite after that, then that's the time to consider other options.