Chief’s Briefs - DePaul 2 Edition

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What do I know.
Aug 28, 2011
Yeah well said HH. It's brutal to watch our guards "walk" it up court get over with 22 seconds then be harassed by a defender who makes them back down and throw their first actual pass from the hash mark at 15-17 seconds on the shot clock left. Happened way too much last night and the inability for Cole or Gaffney to take their man off the dribble hurts that. Adams did ok a couple of times, was more aggressive but he's scary with the ball and just isn't a PG. I would consider Bouk taking it up against certain defenses and having Cole off the ball as it will be more effective. And the bigs have been ok until this game feeding each other from the FT line to the low post but last night yikes, awful. Whaley is a solid passer but had a rough night, the others just aren't that good.

I mean it's nice to have concerns after a win isn't it, but they will be magnified vs better teams if improvements aren't made.
Three wins on the road. They had to be beat. They rose to the occasion. Stayed in the game and forth. Good thing that home and away is over. GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!
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