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BYC-X Cancelation

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Aug 21, 2011
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We hung on for about as long as we dared...

A grand total of 9 people are paid up as of this evening....Thanks to one and all for your interest and support, and I am sorry about this decision.

Another 8 people expressed some varying degrees of interest and promises of payment down the road....Thanks to all of you for your interest and support, too....I am confident that you all would have shown up and everything....

But, still, that is only 4 teams....leaving Pat to scurry around the golf course, picking up after us all day....all for the privilege of sitting down to a chicken dinner after the other 16 of us beat the snot out of the turf, tipped over our golf carts and whatever.

A few folks ponied up some prizes and whatnot for raffels and stuff.....Thanks to one ans all.

And to the members of our prestigious and important sounding committees....Thanks for all your help getting things this far and I am sorry if I sent you all too many e-mails. We couldn't ahve gotten even this far without your help.

I will be contacting the paid up folks and start getting your money back to you.

Those who paid using Pay Pal.....I ask your patience....I really suck at Paypal in general...and now I have to figure out how to unwind these transactions.... (a somewhat uphill battle for me.)

I know that everyone complains that June sucks for this event because of weddings, graduations and the odd quilting bee and afternoon tea and whatnot....But you sure couldn't convince me that ther eare any fewer conflicts with people's schedules in September. Just obbserving the things that are there for me to see, is all....

Maybe we can try it all again next year.....
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