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Aug 26, 2011
  1. 4 minutes in, we were already in foul trouble.
  2. When Sanogo bounces the ball more than twice, it never seems to work out well for us.
  3. Correspondingly, when the man he's guarding bounces it 3 times or more, he ends up beating Adama to the bucket more often than not.
  4. Wow. The T on DH was absolutely a bogus call. None of these refs should ever work again.
  5. Creighton went up by 10 with 7:01 left in the half. Then both teams went on a turnover/missed shot/foul run and the score did not change until a Cole jumper with 4:27 left. That was a couple minutes of truly ugly basketball by both teams.
  6. Watched most of the game with the sound off. Kugler is in love with the sound of his own voice, and it rubs off on Donny. Between the 2 of them, they refused to let the game breathe.
  7. 3:36 left in the half, after the teams traded jumpers, Creighton was back up by 10 -- 25/15. Four consecutive UConn FTs cut it to 6 in the next 20 seconds.
  8. By the 2 minute mark, it was a 1 point game. Outstanding job by DH and the players.
  9. It SHOULD be impossible to be within 1 at the half when you're shooting 29% to the opponent's 43%, shouldn't it? Then again, we managed to have one more made first half field goal than them despite the percentages. We were out rebounding them by 14 at the half. That's a bigger margin than they had total boards.
  10. Under 12 minutes left, and Creighton had 2 offensive boards and they were both "team rebounds" from missing the first of a two shot foul. So they actually don't have an actual offensive repound where you know, a player went up and caught the ball off the offensive board. They ended up with 5 for the game, counting the two team boards.
  11. Gaffney got hurt on a highlight reel assist at 9:15. Surprised to see him back in the game at the end to hit a three. But those injuries seem to have a way of getting worse overnight. We can't afford to go down another guard.
  12. I thought Whaley's turnover at 6:57 was his worst play of the year.
  13. We had 1 more 3 pointer than Creighton. They had 2 more 2 pointers. The big difference was on the foul line. Despite our shooting almost 87% on FT's, they outscored us by 7 from the free throw line, by way of shooting 32 of them to our 15. The refs simply didn't call contact in the lane on them. But it was the timing that hurt. Especially the four consecutive calls on us in 2 minutes midway through the 2nd half, ensuring that the Bluejays would be in the bonus when winning time came.
  14. Sanogo, Whaley, Martin and Cole all held up their ends. But the way we're built now, we need a big scoring game from someone to beat anyone but the weaker teams in the BE. Martin & Polley have both shown they are capable when they are really on. Unfortunately you can't count on them being really on all that often. We need Bouk back,
Oct 27, 2011
What a great post Rich.
Agree with you on the officiating but like Dom said this AM the wrong team responded to the T.. Our BAD.

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