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Big Sunday Thoughts

Sep 8, 2015
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It was a full afternoon of women's basketball, just in time since our college football season is over except for a New Year's Day Bowl.

1. The UConn-ND game was well played for most of the contest. UConn pulled through and ND slipped in the 2nd half. Williams was incredible. She's very much as good as advertised. KLS seemed off but still managed to get double digits. UConn made the tough plays when they counted and ND got rattled when their shots stopped falling (I will leave it at that). The better team won yesterday but I won't be surprised to see these two teams again in the FF or NC by spring. I'm sure ND will learn from this game and move on and UConn passed their first big test in what I"m sure KLS and Collier hope is a season of redemption for them.

2. MSU-Texas wasn't as good as I hoped and TX not having Higgs or Holmes no doubt leaves the Longhorns with fewer weapons. This was my first time seeing MSU play this year and they looked okay, not great but they deserve credit for putting away a ranked team on the road early in the 2nd quarter and the outcome was never really in doubt. I wondered why Vic didn't play his bench more and also why McCowan didn't get more shots but I will take the win. The Bulldogs have a llllooonnnnggg way to go and I was struck watching UConn-ND game how much better those two teams looked than MSU.

3. Baylor-SC wasn't much of a game either but Baylor looked pretty sharp and SC looked like they are an average team right now. Baylor has the talent to be there at the end of the tournament as well. Kim's come up short for a few years and is probably ready to get back to a FF. If their freshmen continue to mature and contribute their depth and size alone will be tough for most teams to beat.

It was a great afternoon and while the season is young, all the games showed some top level talent and a good preview of the things to come the next few months.
Nov 28, 2018
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ND seemed to be their own worst enemy. Arike was taking unwise shots. They looked somewhat undisciplined but have the pieces to beat UConn if they learn from their mistakes. I feel like Shepherd could have been used more. UConn looked great as usual. Williams looked amazing for a freshman. Samuelson is really good with the assist. I'm always impressed at how well UConn plays team ball.

MSU reminded me of 40 minutes of hell. It may not be the prettiest, most finesse game, but they dog you to death on defense with that press and the Holmes/Danberry duo. I think that will become their calling card and the way they could beat UConn. You cannot get into a shootout with UConn. I'm interested to see how this works against Oregon because that is also a team they can't get into a shootout with (though the MSU last year did).

Did not yet get a chance to watch the SC/Baylor game.

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