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Back when I was applying for UConn AD ...

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Aug 26, 2011
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Look ... it ain't over. This is OUR Blutarski moment. (the ONE big problem is that I don't know what to think about our peers who are left)

But ... thank goodness it isn't Hathaway now. Whatever his cred to get him the Chair of the BB selection, it really didn't give him any leverage in the overall scheme.

My eye is on the up&coming Schools (BCS & otherwise) that we need to emulate; and to personally make sure we are able to build our UConn brand. Who is the one that is doing it? I'd say Louisville.

As much as it hurts, we are not at the top of the list. This is despite the fact that WE have a far better Athletic Program than (1st) BC ... and certainly (2nd) SU ... and even (3rd) Pitt. Markets? I really don't get any notion that BC or SU or Pitt deliver markets. But, I do believe that ESPN is behind this crap ... so I have to assume that marketing & overall dollars is a big factor. There is NO way that those 3 give you the market penetration that anyone things in W.PA, NYC, and RT 128. WE have a market at UConn ... and it has not been well managed the last decade. We cannot take this for granted. Simply has to be better.

A newbie like us MUST look & feel like a Bigtime program. Like Louisville. That school is at the forefront of being a Sports Franchise at a college level. In a robust era of easier money, they went out and expanded their football stadium by 12,500 & they worked with the City to get their brand new downtown BB arena of well over 20,000. Excellent facilities; Excellent name coaches now. They have a full AD. And with all this conference re-alignment, I really don't think the musical chairs are going to get pulled for our National Championship Programs with our solid NE base (you'd rather have BC?). I don't think Louisville is going to be left behind. I don't think Rutgers is going to be out of it.

UConn has to earn its way to the table. And needs to diligently fight for that seat with no lack of focus.

The ACC took the Jesuits with their little bandbox & hockey/everything ... and now an old Mauseleum of the Dome (has anyone been there lately?) ... and the Pitt team playing & sharing a stadium/facilities. I think they all have richer traditions & have been afforded a nudge. That's what the ACC chose. But, I believe ... in the long run ... each of those schools are uniquely challenged to keep up in the coming world. (would I trade positions with them this morning? Sure.) z Land Grand Big Name State U ... will be able to grow their AD. And, YES, I think we ought to have Expanded the Rent to the capacity 55,000. I think Hartford should have been a big time City & followed Louisville's lead. Funding? Actually, as I have pointed out a few times, the Public Authority that is the Stadium has a far easier path to growing a $100m expansion than Rutgers did. It's WILL ... people. (admittedly, the PR of today would be far more difficult)

Where are we in this Sports World of University Pro Franchises? We are one of the "Can-do" group. We CAN elevate ourselves to the top rung. As much as the John Swoffords (hate that guy ... but he is a Swashbuckler Errol Flynn type), Mike Slives, Jim Delaneys, Larry Scotts ... have built some fancy walls to consolidate & exclude. I do think there is far more capacity. I think the fast growing affluent areas of the country can support & even grow something bigger than what is currently around the environment. We really should not piss on the UCFs ... because some of those are really aiding us. I am not praying that the B1G come & get us. I think we ... like we were in 2004 ... need to fight to survive. And I am glad Susan Herbst is here at this moment.

And finally ... I think we can stop bitching about Providence. Our leadership is going to emerge & we will certainly be out of this 17 school President feeding that place.
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