Azzi Four Schools Remain on List, Not Two.

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Feb 6, 2017

Are you serious? Soxfan already has said he has no idea. You're taking what he said as gospel that she is going with something that soxfan is just wild-guessing (wild-guessing = "has any meaning") with?

Relax. Soxfan is throwing darts just like all of us are throwing too.
First of all I wasn’t asking soxfan and besides I didn’t see his earlier post about this. All I was saying is it’s a possibility that Maryland UA all works together to snag players. They already stole a men’s player from us before. If she goes to Maryland she can have her own kicks while playing at Maryland. It’s all about what can you do for me and my family now of days. He’s not the only one with a wild guess or thinking outside the box
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