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Sep 30, 2011
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Right, like the rest of you I've had the requisite 48 hours to chew on what happened against SH... And now that I've moved from anger to frustration and finally to and past justification... Also, I feel like I can actually now appreciate the great atmosphere that seemed to exist during the game.

I'm also sitting here watching Indiana - Michigan and again being treated to a third great game and atmosphere just this season in Assembly Hall...

And it's dawned on me that these sort of atmospheres are really what makes college Bball so excellent and different from other sports. Anyway, this is what I'm taking away from the SH game and what I'm going to try to remember to set the dvr for going forward... Competitive games in great atmospheres...

I hope that someday we can lose the Sunday afternoon Civic Center games and have a proper / formidable home court to rely on for wins and to enjoy as fans. I love the news on the practice facility which is def needed for us to stay at the top but I hope eventually we can do all home Big East games (at least) on campus. Letting students sit courtside wouldn't be awful either...

I would also like to see some early games played down in Fairfield County (for the hedge fund managers who will hopefully build us cool stuff) and perhaps elsewhere in the state to spread the love.

I do get the sense that Herbst and the new regime is more in tune with these fan-friendly ideas... And understands that the implementation of them may even lead to revenues that would compensate for the lost XL Center ticket revenues... And cement the program as top tier into the post Calhoun years.
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