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6 or 7 wins

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Aug 27, 2014
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Hey Huskies,

Wish I coulda been there in person or even saw it live... :( Had to watch it on replay unfortunately admist distractions and life...

ANyway, I think Uconn has enough potential to win 6 or 7 this year, maybe 8.

Believe it or not, I was worried about this game-thinking about last seasons flop at Virginia, bad road game against Nevada and all the unknowns-BYU not playing well on east coast, typically...

I really like Diaco. Just from honing in on his expressions and fire from the sidelines. This coach has tremendous passion IMO and won't settle for mediocrity from Uconn. I can see that. He wants to win. But not just that-very positive, upbeat, motivating type guy. I'd almost play for him myself if I met him. I hope fans will give him a chance. I think he can do some good stuff.

BYU is in for a strong season this year-possibly undefeated. I'd put the TX game, UCF, BSU and Houston and even Virginia (who played UCLA well suprisingly), as the other roadblocks. BYU is likely underrated as well.

Hill is a once in a decade type player, if not a once in a lifetime player. BYU has never had a QB like him before, unless you go back to Steve Young-around 1983. Might even be a better rushing threat than Steve Young himself.

There;s good things on the horizon.

Davis is really good. Take away some penalties and a couple TO's and a few catches here and there and UConn is right in the game. Were close to scoring 2 or 3 times and didn't quite get the TD or had to go for FG.

I saw some good stuff and the resiliency was impressive too. Uconn didn't just puss out when things got out of hand.

Here's to a bowl game for Uconn.
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