2018-19 NPOY Nominees Stats Google Spreadsheet

Feb 27, 2017
I have made available a Google Spreadsheet. You should "Make a copy" of the document before updating anything, as this file will be available to everyone.

It contains box scores for 30 of the 34 players nominated for either Naismith or Wooden Mid Season (or later) awards.

The 4 players excluded were:
  • Megan Huff (Utah) and Tynice Martin (West Virginia) nominated Mid Season Naismith
  • Kenisha Bell (Minnesota) and Rennia Davis (Tennessee) nominated Mid Season Wooden
The spreadsheet includes standard averages, some advanced stats (eFG%, TS%, Efficiency, Usage Rate) and a stat I have added, primarily to filter players by, which I have called 'Impact'. Impact is the player's Efficiency x their Usage Rate divided by 300. The 300 used is expected Efficiency of 15 x average Usage Rate of 20.

The Impact value is a rough number to show the 'impact' of that player on their team.

The first 4 tabs contains rankings data (RPI, Massey, AP and USA Today).
The next 4 tabs contains stats data (Box Scores, Overall, Qualified and Non Qualified).

You can filter the data by:
  • Game Type
  • Game Rating
  • Game Criteria
Important: You can change data ONLY on the 'QUALIFIED' tab and ONLY in the top 4 rows (Editable cells are shown in yellow). You will not be able to change any other data.

Game Type
By selecting your preference (Yes or No) of which games to include (in cells C1, C2, C3 and C4).
Default selection: Yes for all. Note: There is currently no NCAA Tourney data available.
  1. Non Conference
  2. Conference
  3. Conference Tourney
  4. NCAA Tourney
Game Rating
By selecting your preference of which rating to use (in cell D4).
Default selection: RPI
  1. RPI
  2. Massey
  3. AP Poll
  4. USA Today Poll
Game Criteria
By selecting your preference for which games to be included in the 'QUALIFIED' tab (in cell D2).
Default selection: Revised
  1. Standard - Home = 50, Neutral = 50 and Away = 50 (i.e. Tier 1)
  2. Revised - Home = 30, Neutral = 50 and Away = 75 (i.e. what I like to use as away games are harder)
  3. Personal - Home = 25, Neutral = 25 and Away = 25 (i.e. Top 25 but you can change to whatever you like).
The 'Game Criteria' is the most important as it determines the number of games which will be included. The more data (i.e. games) that are included the more reliable the results that are returned will be.

Example: If you want to exclude Home games. You would change to the Criteria to 'Personal' and then Change Home to '0'.

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Jan 24, 2015
Thanks. Looking to save myself some time here. Where is the spreadsheet that will definitely convince me and everyone else that Napheesa is the POY. Everything else is nice and I'll even promise to look at it later.
Feb 27, 2017
What can I say; I’m a quant, and I love stats and numbers.

Thanks for generating all these spreadsheets, I find them fascinating.
Thanks for the feedback.

I have also updated the spreadsheet to allow you to apply rank by a category, without having to filter the data.

In cell Z5 you can select the desired category. The default is "Impact".
Feb 27, 2017
I have made available a Google Spreadsheet for 2017-18 NPOY Nominees.

It contains box scores for all 30 players nominated for either Naismith or Wooden Mid Season (or later) awards.

Same format as this year's in OP.

Edit: If anyone knows where to get Massey Rankings from prior year's that would be appreciated.

I have also created created a POLL in the General forum for which Conference spreadsheets, if interested.
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