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2014 Roster-Future Roster & Recruiting

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Aug 26, 2011
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HFD sends his regards.
Here is our current roster chart for this fall:

QB: 4

-Whitmer (RS Sr.-This is his last season playing NCAA football)
-Cochran (RS So.-Retiring after injury, he will keep his scholar ship but not on the football book)
-Shirreffs (RS So.- This year as his transfer year)
-Boyle (So.-Could possibly RS this fall based on future playing time or not)​

RB: 4

-Delorenzo (RS Jr.- It is unclear at this point if he will be back for his last year of eligibility here next season, transfer down to FCS or retire from NCAA football)
-Marriner (RS Fr.)
-Newsome (Fr.)
-Johnson (Fr.)​

FB: 2

-Clax (RS So.)
-Walsh (So.)​

RT: 2

-Knappe (RS So.)
-Gifford (RS Jr.)​

RG: 3

-Samra (Jr.)
-Crozier (Fr.)
-Nwokeji (RS Jr.)​

C: 3

-Mateas (RS Sr.)
-Oak (FR. - Will RS this year)
-Bockeloh (RS So.)​

LG: 3

-Cruz (RS Sr.)
-Rugg (RS So.)
-Schafenacker (RS Fr.)​

LT: 3

-Levy (RS So.)
-Rutherford (Fr.)
-Hopkins (RS Fr.)​

LS: 2

-Mueller (RS Sr.)
-Manco (RS Jr.)​

WR: 7

-Davis (RS Sr.)
-Abrams (RS Jr. - It is unclear if he will be back for a 5th year here)
-Thomas (RS Fr.)
-Lucas (RS Fr.)
-Lemelle (So. - May be taking a RS this year based off playing time so far)
-Foxx (Sr.)
-Bradley (So.)​

TE: 5

-Mcquillian (RS Jr. – It is unclear if he will be back for a 5th year here)
-Myers (RS Fr.)
-Bloom (Fr.)
-Lawley (Fr.- May take a RS this year based off playing time and could be moved to DE in the future)
-Hashemi (Fr. – May take a RS this year based off playing time and could be moved to OT in the future)​

DL: 7

-Campenni (RS Jr. – Should be back for a 5th year)
-Pruitt (RS Sr. – Injured, will either get 6th year from NCAA and play at FCS level, go professional or retire)
-Adeyemi (RS Jr.)
-Myers (RS So.)
-Fatuksi (RS Fr.)
-Mcbryde (RS Sr.)
-Atkins (Fr.)​

OLB: 14

-Frank (RS Sr. – Playing time is mixed at LB and DL)
-Vann (RS Jr. – Should be back next year)
-Stephens (RS So.)
-Ormsby (RS Fr.)
-Britton (Fr. – Based on playing time he might take a RS this year)
-Diggs (Fr. – It is unclear based on playing time if he will RS or not this year)
-Carrezola (Fr. – Is getting time mixed at LB and DL)
-Stevens (RS Fr.)
-Stapleton (RS Fr.)
-Steg (RS Sr.)
-Stewart (RS Jr. – Should be back next year)
-Ashiru (RS Jr. – Should be back next year)
-Hicks (RS So.)
-Joseph (RS Fr.)​

CB: 8

-Jones (RS Sr.)
-DeBerry (Sr.)
-Williams (RS So.)
-Hadley (So. – Based on playing time he might RS this year)
-Summers (Fr.)
-Green (RS So.)
-Watkins (Fr. – Based on playing time he might RS this year)
-McAllister (Fr. - Will RS this year)​

S: 5

-Adams (RS Jr. – Should be back next year)
-Lee (RS Jr. – Should be back next year)
-Melifonwu (RS So.)
-Floyd (RS So.)
-Marder (RS So.)​

K/P: 2

-Puyol (RS So.)
-Wain (RS So.)​

Based on the above, this fall we have 74 scholarships being used. That is a rough start to rebuilding this roster. For the purpose of this, we are going to assume that UConn will use 82 scholarships max a year. The last 3 of the full 85 allowed will not be filled as long as we are in a non-power 5 conference so we use that allocated money towards stipends for the roster. So the goal for the program is to build back up to 82 and balanced position wise as quick as possible without compromising quality.

Without factoring in attrition from lack of playing time or injuries, next year we will be looking at 62 players returning at the most. That number could drop much lower into the mid-50s based on decisions we will not know about until next year. For now we will say we have 62 players on the roster for next year. Now let’s look at the current recruiting class. Here are our commits. Project position and other offers are also listed.

2015 Verbal Commits:

DT- Kevin Murphy (Cincy, Army, Navy, Wy, WMich, Monmouth, MTSt) | [Highlights]
TE- Ben Hartwick | [Highlights]
QB- Tyler Davis (Buffalo, ODU, Bucknell, Monmouth) | [Highlights]
DE- Philippe Okounam | [Highlights]
S- Marshe Terry (Fordham) | [Highlights]
OLB/DE- Connor Freeborn (Colgate) | [Highlights]
LB/DE- Nazir Williams (Temple, Buffalo) | [Highlights]
TE- Ian Campbell | [Highlights]
TE- Aaron McLean (Holy Cross, Bryant) | [Highlights]
CB- Aaron Garland (BGrenn, NYS, EMich, WMich, CMich, NI, Toledo, UNR) | [Highlights]
DB- John Robinson (Albany) | [Highlights]
LB- William Richardson- Pending test scores | [Highlights]
OT- Chris Lee | [Highlights]
CB- Justice Pettus Dixon (BC, Cincy, Marshall, NMex, Ore St, Nc St, Toledo, Townson. Del) | [Highlights]
WR- Frank Battle (, App St, Monmouth, Buffalo, Bucknell) | [Highlights]​

So as we sit today we have 15 verbal commits. A handful of these are possible plug in’s at multiple positions but we have a good sense of where they are going to play. So now let’s dissect.

First off if you have not watched tape of these guys, do so. A few of them become more obvious future position wise after doing so. This class is very tall but also very raw. Of these 15 so far, I only see 1 or 2 guys breaking next year’s 2 deep. With these 15 on top of the possible 62 that can come back next year that gives us 77 slots filled on our roster. Based off the 82 we want to fill, we need AT LEAST 5 more players and most likely more. So on the low side this class should be 20 and the high side let’s say is 25. We are in decent shape for completing this class. From what I have seen we will not be after JUCO players at any position, nothing has shown me that we are yet to date. We however are interested in prep school 5th year players. Not Milford or ECP guys but more like full school year prep schools like Salisbury for example. I believe we may land a few from those types of schools in the winter and possibly bring them in for the 2nd semester of this year.

Based on our roster this fall and our commits to date I see the following:

QB- Next year we will have 3. Boyle and Shirreffs will battle for the starting gig with the other as the backup. Davis will RS if all goes as planned. I expect to not get a 2nd QB this class and instead have a 5th year transfer or more likely several walk-ons added to the roster for depth.

- I think Max returning for a 5th year is very much 50/50 at this point. That leaves us with 3 at this position who are all seeing time this year. I expect us to land a RB in this class and RS him next year.

TE- Next year we will be very young and could possibly move 1 or 2 players away from the position as well depth wise. This position has been addressed with our current commits. It is not out of the possibility to take one more TE or a hybrid TE/DL/OLB prospect if the opportunity presents itself.

WR- We need one taller outside prospect and at least one slot also. I would be interested in taking 3 players overall with 1 at each the outside and slot and then a wildcard if the opportunity presented itself.

OL- While this group is the focus this season in its struggles and development; we have a ton of young guys to work with. Specifically at the Guard and Center positions. While things are bad right now, the staff is clearly going to develop what they have instead of just hunt on the trail for immediate help. They see long term value in what we have and developing a 3 deep at the position. I expect the staff to move one or two current tackles to guard position next year which will open of spots at the tackle positions, the staff seems to really value height at the tackle position above all others. Where we need to add depth is at Tackle, especially right tackle. I expect them to move Hashemi to a tackle spot this off season as one of the slots depth wise. Ideal would be to bring in two and RS both of them. We have at least one right now.

DB- Based on what we have coming back and in this class I think we may be set at this position. If we add more here than we are trending towards a 25 man class not 20.

DL- Much like the DB positions, we are most likely set unless the trend is towards 25 and not 20. We have two to four commits who will be DL and five to six guys returning on the depth chart.

LB- We have a lot of depth, young depth plus our current commits.​

So based off the above here are our positions of need:

RB- need a prospect to come in and RS to spread depth of class
WR- tall prospect to come in and compete on the depth chart or RS
Slot- come in and RS behind Bradley and Lemelle
OT- need one prospect to come in and RS
Possible position adds:

QB- a fifth year transfer or a second recruit are not out of the question
OG-could become a need if attrition is known to the staff
TE- wildcard
WR- a second tall or slot prospect
DB, DL, LB- it’s now a big class
K/P/LS- it’s very possible we look at prospects to develop behind what we have, if not next year we will address all 3 of these positions​

So how do we fill in the rest of this class? A few names to watch are:

-Jack Bates(OT)- staff is very high on him
-Cole Murphy(TE)-if we take another, he might be in consideration
-OL in NJ, we are on the radar of several
-Mayala(WR)- we have several Canadians connection wise
-Ball(WR)- might come down to UConn vs Cincy (close to home)
-Marshall(RB)- heard he likes the staff

The 2016 class as of right now should be considered small, like 15 recruits. That can change as roster slots become available after next summer's roster is released. A QB, RB, TE, LB, CB, K, P, LS for starters will be needed in the 2016 class.
Sep 18, 2011
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For the most part, I think you have identified the key needs but I have a couple of issues with this.

First, I have not seen or heard anything that makes me think UConn will only have 82 scholarship football players due to stipends. I think 85 is still the number.

Second, attrition happens every year for a wide variety of reasons including injuries, academics, playing time, discipline,... So, you plan for losing a few guys each year in your scholarship planning.

Thus, I think you can expect a class of 25+ this year. For 2016, depending on how many RS Jrs come back next year, I would expect a class of 20.

Remember, you are allowed 25 scholarships per year, but you can sign more than 25 in a given recruiting season and back count some scholarships to the previous season if you signed less than 25 in the previous year and it keeps your total scholarship count below 85. The extra players need to enroll early, though. Since we signed 15 last year, it is theoretically possible to sign up to 35 with early enrollees.

Here's the math: 62 possible returnees (your number) for 2015. Let's say we lose 2 to 4 to whatever reason between now and February. Thus, you can can offer 25 to 27 to get to 85. If the attrition is greater than 2 to 4, they can sign more or push the scholarships into 2016.
Aug 28, 2011
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Nice job tcf15... I still think the 2016 class will still have 20 or so recruits in the class... Significant attrition won't stop over the next couple of years... We've seen quite a bit so far this year... We'll see more and have more spots open come Feb '15 & '16....
Apr 21, 2012
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Very nice post. Good work. I was thinking of posting something similar (probably not nearly as detailed) about the future but I was worried I'd get grief for looking into the future already.
Awesome post though.

Some of my notes:

I was thinking right when he got hurt that I would love to have Angelo receive a medical redshirt and come back for a 6th year but it doesn't look like that is option he is entertaining.


Vontae Diggs and Brian Lemelle have both played in games and thus cannot be redshirted.

I think there is a 95% chance that Max comes back and plays his final year of eligibility. He is not going to have the option to go pro after this year and he may never but you better believe that he believes in himself to use up all his eligibility and give it a shot. I feel like there are very few Robbie Frey's who move on to another school for academic purposes based on the fact that they know they aren't going pro. Plus Max is in his home state and he would definitely see time on the field next year. I also think McQuillan will return. (I think many of the RJR's who know they have playing time next year will come back with the belief that they will be a much more successful team next year)

With that said I don't think it's an extreme necessity that we pick a RB. However, we should see whats out there. I think it would have made more sense to RS one of the two FR. this year to separate them in terms of years of eligibility. But that still remains an option next year. With the fact that they will have no returning FR. I could see them grabbing a guy who would then RS and have two years in between him and Ron Johnson and Arkeel Newsome.

I personally think we are all set at TE and won't recruit the position anymore. Unless they see McLean as the big WR type.

I think we may need another OLB/DE Hybrid. We have a lot of LB options and maybe we find one in house and I know Diaco doesn't need as many DE's but we NEED to get better at pass rushing. So maybe another Hybrid in the mold of an Ormsby (6'3 250's-260's). This is also important as Freeborn is seen more of a run blocking DE with that size. Nazir could be one but I think we could use another. Speaking of the other young LB's think Carrezola isn't a speed rusher and I feel like Diggs may be more of a coverage guy ala stewart.

As well another DT as Campenni will be a SR next year and Myers will be a RJR. And we lose McBryde and Pruitt who were big bodies able to provide depth up the middle if needed.

A QB is a must have for me. We need to explore every option here and create competition. I know Davis may not like this. But this position has held us back for some time now.

I definitely agree we need another G Davis style WR. I'm hoping for Lucas to somewhat fill that void but I would want even bigger 6'3/6'4. Maybe they have that guy in Battle. Who knows. A slot to follow up Lemelle and Bradley would be nice too, since both will be JR's next year.

I also agree that I think that after this year the staff is going to be much more comfortable with what they have on the oline. They will return 3 starters and 4 guys with big playing time. Along with two sophomores in Crozier and Rutherford who have seen ample time. Despite that though I expect them to bring in at least 1 if not 2 more Olineman. Particularly at Guard or Center. I don't know if Nwokeji will be back for his 5th year considering he doesn't get time even this year. I would like to see a JUCO kid come in and win as starting spot on the line (or 5th year transfer....think RJ Dill type). Especially since we will still have some youth next year that we can redshirt (Lee, Rutherford or Crozier if they get beat out) and some guys that may not be ready to compete in their 2nd or 3rd years (Oak, Hashemi, Schafenacker, Hopkins) .

I expect our line to be vastly improved next year when we start a line that has Knappe, Gifford, Samra, Levy who all have 2 plus years experience playing and at least 1 year starting, plus we have some depth with guys like Rutherford and Crozier who have back up experience.

Finally we could use another CB with the early departures of Stevenson and Clark to go along with the graduation of Jones and the fact that Green is still learning the position. I think we need some depth here and a competitive push here. Ellis Marder may move over here if he is not in line to get time at the safety spot. But then we would need a S.

Overall, I think we will bring in 22-23 guys. I hope we keep all the guys we got on board right now and add about 7.
The 7 (in order of importance):

Hybrid DE
SLOT WR (If Mclean is a TE than a Big WR too)
Another OG/C or a RB

Hypothetical 2 DEEP

QB Boyle (JR)
Sherrifs (RSO)

RB DeLorenzo (RSR)
Newsome (SO)

FB Clax (RJR)
Walsh (JR)

WR Lucas (RSO)
Abrams (RSR)

SLOT Bradley (JR)
Lemelle (JR)

WR Thomas (JR)
Battle/McLean (FR/FR)

TE McQuillan (RSR)
Myers/Bloom (RSO/SO)

LT Levy (RJR)
Hopkins (RSO)

LG Gifford (RSR)
Rugg (RJR)
C Bockeloh (RJR)
Oak (RFR)
RG Samra (SR)
Crozier (SO)

RT Knappe (RJR)
Rutherford (SO)


DE Adeyemi (RSR)
Atkins (RFR)

DT Campenni (RSR)
Myers (RJR)

DE (running)/Hybrid (passing)
Fatukasi/Ormsby (RSO/RSO)
Okounam/Stapleton (FR/RSO)

LB Stewart (RSR)
Stevens (RSO)

LB Vann (RSR)
Diggs (SO)

LB Ashiru (RSR)
Hicks (RJR)

LB Joesph (RSO)
Carrezola (SO)

CB Williams (RJR)
Hadley (RSO)

CB Summers/Green (SO/RJR)
McAlister (RFR)

NCB Summers/Green (SO/RJR)
Watkins (RFR)

SS Melifonwu (RJR)
Floyd (RJR)

FS Adams (RSR)
Lee (RSR)

K Puyol (RJR)

P Wain (RJR)
Apr 21, 2012
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Just my best guess...to this point......Looking ahead gives hope seeing all the RJR and RSR that will have plenty of experience next year...
Aug 31, 2011
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Good stuff. I really do believe the future is incredibly bright. having said that, I would be shocked if we brought in a 5th yr senior or Juco - this staff can not be more clear about the long view, development, and building a culture. I just don't see them brining in a 5th yer senior to play OL and forcing one of their young development projects to sit and watch. I could be wrong (I am a lot), I just dont see it.

I also think we are in for more attrition. We have upperclassmen who are not on the 2 deep and/or who may not ultimately feel part of the new regime. I am looking for a 22 player class. I think we need more OL (most coaches will tell you they want 4/5 per year), inside LBs, a QB, and a playmaker - we need guys that can create and/or operate in space. We're pretty easy to defend at the moment, and seem reluctant to spread the field with guys like Foxx on a sweep, or Newsome in space or Lemelle, etc. It's one thing to say we are going to line up and punch you in the mouth, but we either need different punchers or more creativity than running up the gut for 1-2 yards.
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