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    UConn/Temple & UConn/FIU Football Series Announced

    Benedict mentioned before that we may have to have 5 home games once or twice in the first couple of years before we can balance out our schedule consistently. Would not be shocked if 2021 is 5 home games.
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    Borges: The anatomy of UConn’s long, winding road back to the Big East Conference

    I said this to @gampelcrazies yesterday, but it is amazing that all the presidents and coaches in the Big East knew this was happening in the winter of 2018-19 and nothing ever leaked. Shows an extremely well run operation in my opinion.
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    UConn baseball players transferring out of program

    I would say yes, Wink and Nucerino are surprises as far as leaving.
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    2021 Class Needs

    I would say, at least 2 wings and a big. The fourth spot could be another PG or best talent available. The luxury of Cole and Gaffney both expected to be around still.
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    Likely no Gavitt Games per Borges

    Honestly hard to believe these were set before June 2019...
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    UConn One Shining Moment Video

    did he say where he got the footage?
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    Game reductions

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    Jalen Gaffney - Ceiling/Floor

    I agree here, I could see a 22mpg, 8.7ppg, 4.1apg, 42% fg, 38% 3pt
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    New tcf highlight videos for Purvis, Facey, Brimah

    that and the whole offense was based off Jalen Adams iso ball, so not sure how much more he could have done?
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    Transfer Eligibility Vote Coming...

    could see some of that lineup, but you’re crazy if you think Carlton isn’t starting. Also pretty hysterical that you went from trashing Martin last weekend to putting him in your starting lineup lol
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    Transfer Eligibility Vote Coming...

    I’ve been to about 2/3 of the URI home games last couple years, Martin is not a 4 man. He is a wing. Still, he is now likely our 6th man and he will help this team drastically with his shooting and scoring abilities
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    2020 Recruiting: Dimencio Vaughn

    Well this just took a big turn
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    UConn Looking to Start a H/H Series at Home

    You’re crazy if you think they’d turn down Duke, Kentucky, or Kansas for a H and H.
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    URI Transfer: Tyrese Martin

    Martin is 2 years vs 1 for vaughn, so I’d say martin.