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    Where is our weakness?

    Already mentioned Inexperience
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    National reaction

    And Kansas has the only two titles the conference has won in the modern era (64 team field). ACC and Big East teams own the last 7 titles the last 10 out of 11 the last 16 out of 21 Current members ACC 10 / 8 (8 as ACC members) Big East 6 / 8 (6 currently, 7 as Big East members, 1 as...
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    Final Big East Draw

    PC game scares me the most. First post season game for this team, while an experienced PC team will be playing their second game this tournament and will be fighting for their post season life. We beat PC, we're winning the BET
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    National reaction

    But Nova has won every regular season title, that does say something The other programs may be second weekend good occasionally, but we aim higher
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    Refs Foul Calls

    Respect They don't want to mess with the Conference Champion don'tchaknow The writing is on the wall
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    UConn gets its Reddit Gif

    An all time classic "now youse can't leave"
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    I said from day 1 this year nc contender

    Sign me up, all in baby It's been a long time boys, we're "due"
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    New to the boneyard

    Bandwagon fan :) Welcome
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    Tyler Polley’s mercurial UConn career is winding down

    I knew kids had another year. Didn't know they didn't even count against the scholarship allotment Could Vital have returned for this season?
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    Thanks to Husky Nation!!

    The only statement I would disagree with, last years seniors suffered more. That would be both Vitale who deserved something more and Gilbert who was oft injured. Both were denied their last and only opportunity to participate in the post season by the pandemic. Although Gilbert may get a...
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    Our Side of the Bracket

    We have to beat them both, what difference does it make?
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    A+ game for Hurley, Cole, defense and the bigs

    I forgive Hurley for any transgressions
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    If Seton Hall is seriously considered a bubble team...

    Silly as it sounds, I hate sitting as the 10 seed. Going to be hard to move all the way up to 6, and a 7 is no different than a 10. I just dread the 8/9
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    Random UConn v Seton Hall memory

    I remember Hall losing to Michigan in the finals and Hall's great teams in the early 90's But that's it for them, they ain't no UCONN
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