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    2021 UConn Football Commit - Pryce Yates (San Antonio Texas)

    Did you see the Air Force offer there.
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    Report: ESPN Asks Top Talent to Take Substantial Pay Cut

    Same here. Probably won't watch a minute of it for a few more months at least.
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    College football must innovate as FBS attendance dips for sixth straight year to lowest since 1996

    I wonder if this could be done... Play the game on the field without commercial interruption. Let the TV people insert the commercials wherever they want for the people watching the game on tv. We could watch the full game live and still make it home for the 4th qtr. I'm serious, do you think...
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    UConn vs. Wyoming Football series brewing?

    Ended up # 6 in the final rankings. Had Jim Kiick for running back (of Miami Dolphins fame)
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    UConn at Ohio State 2025

    They haven't been plastered yet. I'm going to be excited until at least kickoff. If you can't get excited, go beat someone at basketball that you are 3 feet taller than and maybe that will do it for you.
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    UConn at Ohio State 2025

    So if you are not excited about playing at Ohio State, when do you get excited about a game?
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    UConn at Ohio State 2025

    5 years is a long way down the road. A lot can happen in 5 years. Look at how far down we went in 5 years. If you like to travel to away games like I do, these games are games I look forward to and plan for for years ahead. I drive my wife crazy talking about going to the away games, but I look...
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    UConn at Ohio State 2025

    I'm lovin it! Maybe a home and home with someone like Michigan State or Iowa would be a goal.
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    UConn Schedules Another Game with Liberty in 2022 (Nov 12 in East Hartford)

    Then don't lose! If we don't schedule CCSU because we are afraid to lose to them, then we don't really have a football team worth watching anyway. It's not like they are on our schedule every year.
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    UConn vs. Wyoming Football series brewing?

    I'd love to visit Wyoming, just not every other year, once or twice would be fine with me. All these 1 time visits to places we have never been to before would be a ton of fun. Away games to new places is so much fun. Besides that, it would be a little trivial for me as I remember the first bowl...
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    2020 Spring Practice is here (February 4 -> March 6th)

    Yes, Omar is still here. He looked solid at the Signing Day event. This will be his year.
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    Two UConn Football Players Arrested (updated)

    I'm sure there are plenty of non student athletes that are getting caught doing the same things, only it doesn't make the news because no one would care.
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    Bill Connelly’s Annual Preseason SP+ College Football Rankings.

    Ole' Miss has the fastest QB I have ever seen. He is a great runner, needs work on his passing. I'm sure it will improve.
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    Michigan and Syracuse on the schedule?

    I agree. I HATE, HATE football games in baseball stadiums.
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    Signing Day @ The Dog House (Wednesday, February 5 from 5:30-7 p.m.)

    Cam Ross got a very good ovation from the fans and seemed to be quite surprised and happy about it. Kevin M. also got a very nice hand. Two great kids with big hearts!