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    What's Your Most Depressing Game in Past Few Years?

    Very tough call between the Army game at Yankee Stadium and the Navy game at Navy. Both due to very bad coaching in the last minute after nice comeback drives.
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    New Student Tailgating Policy (Shocker- It Sucks)

    I know where you're coming from, but this isn't about the kids having fun by drinking till they can't walk. They always find a way to have fun. If they don't want to come to the football game, then go somewhere else and party. We did when we were in school. There is nothing idiotic about it. If...
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    Tailgating extra Hour?

    Wow. 6 hours of tailgating! Now you're talking!
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    Tailgating extra Hour?

    It now says at that the gates will open at 1:00 for season ticket holders, and 2:00 for single game ticket holders. It also says that you can tailgate for 2 hours after the game. Anybody in the know that thinks they made a mistake here, or are we really getting an extra hour...
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    Game Week - UConn vs. Wagner (8/29/19 @ 7p on ESPN3)

    The staff probably won't take another day off until sometime in January 2020.
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    T Minus 7 days to tailgating check list...

    Chief, I know you are a real fan of UConn, but that is the most lame excuse I have seen for a while. DVR the preseason game and go support UConn.
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    BC UConn Change Dates For 2022 and 2023 Games

    Football games at baseball stadiums really sucks. I don't care if UConn was playing the Patriots at a baseball stadium, I've gone to my last football game in a baseball stadium.
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    BC UConn Change Dates For 2022 and 2023 Games

    I hope not. We need a BC game at the Rent.
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    Heading to a UConn football game at Rentschler Field? Here’s what you need to know about tailgating, food and special events

    Not at all....can't think of anything I'd rather do than spend 5 hours out in the fresh air with my brother and great friends at a tailgate. (well, you know what I mean). Then we top it off with a football game, not to mention a UConn football game....not to mention a new season of a much...
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    Can't wait for the season to start

    It is not on SNY.
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    As Wagner Approaches

    Will be looking for the email! Can't wait.
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    It’s officially camp season...

    I like Ryan.. I hope he sees the field alot due to the fact that he is playing well.
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    Do We Care About Bowl Games?

    I liked going to bowl games, but the problem we (UConn) always had was since there was no locked in bowl game, travel plans at the last minute, especially flights, were always expensive. A big bowl game, like the Fiesta Bowl, was great. Travel around the Holidays is always crazy, and the...
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    Seat Upgrade ?

    I thought the seat upgrade options for season ticket holders were going to start today. I have no info from UConn on when that is. Anybody know what is going on?
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    Why football might actually be the biggest winner.

    You think BC really gives a crap about that?