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  1. WestHartHusk

    Key tweets, and it's all gone to Hell.

    The main takeaway is, as I noted, in the the opening portion ("Absent Notre Dame, there might not well be an ACC Network. Its name was a driving force in ESPN exploring the project, a development that quickly led to the conference's 2013 grant of media rights, which bound members to the league...
  2. WestHartHusk

    Key tweets, and it's all gone to Hell.

    That is not how math works, unless you think ND basketball is worth $0.
  3. WestHartHusk

    Big East OOC tracker

    December, the month where Providence fans walk around with puffed out chests. April/May, you'd never know they existed in the first place.
  4. WestHartHusk

    Pratt & Whitney Excess Acreage To Be Listed (Updated)

    Yes. Many, many things. In fairness, that 1890s train had no heat, no bathroom and no bar car . So was it REALLY better?
  5. WestHartHusk

    Can We Please Change the Player Signing Window?

    All these coaching moves during the season are ridiculous. Move early signing to February. The players and fans invest a lot in their teams and yet by the time the payoff comes (playoffs/bowls) the players/fans don’t even get the same team and same competition they have been building towards.
  6. WestHartHusk

    Auburn fan here

    I prefer Okafor myself.
  7. WestHartHusk

    2021 Coaching Carousel picking up riders…

    There were people on this board that thought Cinci is a better job than USC.
  8. WestHartHusk

    CFP Rankings

    Well…that is a good point. I do think they’ve learned their lesson though. And they really do show up like no other fan base would.
  9. WestHartHusk

    CFP Rankings

    I don’t think you can call NEB fans spoiled. They continue to sellout and show up through all of this. They may be the most loyal in the US, all things considered.
  10. WestHartHusk

    CFP Rankings

    Bama doesn't look so hot either. They barely beat a pedestrian Auburn team (and should have lost) and lost to an A&M team that frankly isn't that good.
  11. WestHartHusk

    CFP Rankings

    Cinci is in trouble if one of Alabama and OK State don’t lose.
  12. WestHartHusk

    Big East OOC tracker

    The American at #10, before they lose Cinci and Houston. Yikes, that is going to be an atrocious basketball conference in 2 years.
  13. WestHartHusk

    Assistant Coach Search

    If so, it is a favor, a waste of money, and Mora’s first mistake.
  14. WestHartHusk

    Randy Edsall is the worst assessor of QB Talent ever

    “I can’t get into name calling as it’s not how I was raised”… Fast forward five words… “Idiot”
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