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    Prognosticators Game 8 (Butler) Predictions

    UConn 87 Butler 49 UConn comes out rusty and Geno will go deep into the bench to give role player minutes. Although he may decide the Top 7 players need the minutes to get ready for the Lady Vols on Thursday. If that's the case UConn might score 100+ points.
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    NCAA Power Ten

    This weeks NCAA Power 10. Women's basketball rankings: Louisville is the new No. 1 team in Week 9's Power 10 I'm surprised UConn is #2 considering how few games they've played and strength of schedule. I would have ranked both NC State and Stanford higher. I wonder if Michigan is getting...
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    #1 Stanford @ Colorado - 1/17/21

    Shocking Score. I could have seen Arizona or maybe UCLA beating Stanford, but not Colorado. Colorado has a losing conference record. Guess that makes Louisville the #1 Team in this weeks poll. NC State might get more First Place Votes, but Louisville probably gets the majority. With the polls...
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    Tomorrow’s game is also postponed

    I'm not aware of single Sporting Event where Covid19 virus has spread between competitors of different teams. IMO just because Providence shut down their activity that doesn't mean that the Seton Hall vs UConn game should be postponed. IF all UConn and Seton Hall players passed the Covid19...
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    NCAA Power Ten I would think the possibility exists that UConn will drop in Rankings if they don't improve their level of opponents. It is important for Seeding Purposes that the...
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    Prognosticators Game 8 (Seton Hall) Predictions

    UConn 91 Seton Hall 58. UConn's team defense does a better job containing Lauren Park-Lane who scored 29 points in the first matchup. UConn holds her to under 20 points.
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    Prognosticators Game 7 (Providence) Predictions

    UConn 90 Providence 49
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    Geno Speaks 1/5

    Geno didn't eliminate the possibility of any of next years recruits going the team this year is they get their HS Diploma early. He didn't say it would happen, but if he got a phone call, I think he would say yes come on up to Storrs. Especially if any of the recruits are good three point...
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    Prognosticator's Game 7 (Baylor) Predictions

    I have mixed feelings about this game. UConn probably has more talent and should win. However the game is being played in WACO and which Anna we'll see. Are we going to see the Anna that was playing at the end of last season or are we going to see the Anna that has played this year. I'm...
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    #9 Texas A&M @ Florida - 1/03/21

    Easy Win for A&M.
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    #13 Kentucky @ #12 Mississippi St - 1/03/21

    An interesting early season SEC game. Two new head coaches, both trying to make their names. I believe Kentucky is the more talented team. They'll win a close game.
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    DePaul vs UConn Badass Award Goes to...

    We saw the eventual starting lineup tonight. Olivia, Christyn, Evina, Paige and Aaliyah. That was the best lineup on the floor tonight. If that ends up happening Paige will have to shoot more as Geno wants and be relied upon for her three point shooting.
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    DePaul game tonight on Fox? [merged]

    I found the Game by going to Schedule. Game is listed under Fox Sports Extra.
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    Youtube TV is geographic based. I've checked Youtube TV and where I live SNY is not available.
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    Duke women end their season [merged]

    A parent speaks out. 'They've done everything they could': Duke basketball parent speaks out about team's decision to cancel season Would they resume season if there was a bubble? How would they make up their games?
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