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    3X3 Olympic Women's Basketball, who is MVP?

    Congrats to the 3x3 team!!!! ...Hope Lou is feeling 100% soon.
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    Happy Birthday to Diana, Maya, and Mrs. Auriemma (Geno's Mom)

    Hope they all have a wonderful birthday! ....Wishing a Happy 75th Birthday to my Uncle Bill too!
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    Evina -WNBA?

    No, CW and ONO are only 20 years old - so are not eligible (since they were born in the U.S.).
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    Prognosticators Tournament Game 8 (Arizona) Predictions

    UConn 75-Arizona 66 Go Huskies!!!
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    #6 Texas vs #2 Maryland - 3/28/21

    Wow ..... was hoping that Maryland would win this one since I thought they'd perform better against SC.
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    Prognosticators Tournament Game 6 (Iowa) Predictions

    UConn 81 - Iowa 70 Go Huskies!!!!!
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    Prognosticators Tournament Game 5 (Syracuse) Predictions

    UConn 77- Cuse 64 Go Huskies!!
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    Ayanna Patterson to Uconn

    Thanks for choosing UConn, Ayanna! Cannot wait to see you play in person.
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    (OT) What's been your reaction to Covid-19 vaccine ?

    I received two Moderna vaccinations. The 1st one I had a little injection site soreness. Twenty-eight days later I received the second shot. About 24 hours after that injection I felt pretty lousy for 12 hours - headache, tired, achy, chills and I felt nauseous. I slept from noon to 8pm...
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    Prognosticators Game 7 (Providence) Predictions

    Not sure of the score, but I think it would be good for both PC and UConn to play each other again on Sunday or Monday (either in Providence or Storrs) - so that they both will be closer to the 13 games needed to be eligible to play in the NCAA tourney (if there is one).
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    UConn/Baylor Game Cancelled

    How about UConn and Quinnipiac playing this Thursday? UConn could take a bus to Hamden.
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    Top 3 things You Want to See in the DePaul game

    1) no injuries or illness 2) The team continuing to show improvement 3) UConn hitting their 3s (and defending well against DePaul's 3 pt attempts).
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    Edwards Out

    ...Hope her ankle feels better soon!
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