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Recent content by uconnbill

  1. uconnbill

    Mora's Transfer Portal Options

    Does Coach Mora take a transfer and a high schooler at quarterback? That is the question or does he bring in two transfers from the portal. I have a feeling the portal will be used a lot which makes sense
  2. uconnbill

    Mora's Transfer Portal Options

    Let's us live in our land of delusion as we don't need anyone screwing with that
  3. uconnbill

    Mora's Transfer Portal Options

    You have no idea. It matters what position they play as UConn has put a number of players in the pros. So your statement holds very little in reality of 2021-2022 College football
  4. uconnbill

    Steven Krajewski appreciation thread

    The offensive line was terrible all year long and why the new coaching staff is looking at a number of JUCO lineman. He has warts but is tough and did well considering him being hit a lot this year. I hope he is okay and has a full recovery
  5. uconnbill

    Assistant Coach Search

    I wouldn't mind Spanos as a linebacker coach as he was very good at that in Pittsburgh for the Steelers. They could keep a couple of coaches but I want all new offensive coaches
  6. uconnbill

    Recap/on the bright side

    Is take a winning record
  7. uconnbill

    Shame on the Courant

    Sad the the largest and oldest paper in America has been stripped as it has been Sadly print media is for old folks now as younger people read everything they want on their phones
  8. uconnbill

    2022 Recruiting Thread

    My thinking is the offensive line needed more one on one coaching and didn't receive it due to Guiffe's double duty, My hope is that there will be one offensive line coach whose only duty is the oline
  9. uconnbill

    Sanogo Observation

    He is UConn's best inside scorer in a few years. Yes he he needs to work on passing from inside lane but you can't kill him for his touch and gives UConn the presence UConn needs against the rest of the Big East.
  10. uconnbill

    Props to Tyler Polley

    He was awesome today and without him UConn loses today. If UConn shoots well they will be hard to beat this year
  11. uconnbill

    Jabari Smith! Jabari Smith! Jabari Smith!

    turned the sound off in overtime as it was much more enjoyable to watch
  12. uconnbill

    Pratt & Whitney Excess Acreage To Be Listed (Updated)

    You forgot one important thing. Taxes are higher here and overall cost of living is higher as well. We have snow, the other two areas are nicer overall weather wise. Connecticut is 6th in overall taxes North Carolina is 28th Florida is 45th
  13. uconnbill

    Roster churn season

    Transfer portal, JUCO, and seniors while talking to juniors and Sophomores by sending out letters and inviting them to events. Time to tear down and rebuild
  14. uconnbill

    Assistant Coach Wish List

    If you keep Spanos I like his as linebacker coach and then give him asst head coach as a title. He has done well with linebackers at Pittsburgh for years. He knows the position.
  15. uconnbill

    Mora Introductory Press Conference- Saturday November 27th 10:30am Rentschler Field Club Level

    Why not hold something after the game for those who suffered through the last few years and would like to welcome the new coach
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