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    ESPN 2021 class rankings

    I believe Olson either doing it or quantity scale or a top 100 scale. He previously had Tennessee's four recruits ranked than UNC three recruits until Kayla McPherson committed to UNC despite at the time 2 out of the 3 UNC recruits were ranked higher than all of Tennessee's recruits.
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    Women's college basketball 20-21 ACC predictions Head Coaches Predicted Order of Finish Louisville (13 first-place votes) - 223 NC State (2) - 210 Syracuse - 193 North Carolina - 157 Georgia Tech - 146 Notre Dame - 138 Virginia Tech - 125...
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    Women's college basketball 20-21 ACC predictions

    It looks like that Swish more or less copied and pasted last years standings and then they left UNC off the list.
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    Women's college basketball 20-21 ACC predictions 1. Louisville 2. NC. State 3. Duke 4. Florida St. 5. Virginia Tech 6. Boston College 7. Georgia Tech 8. Syracuse 9. Virginia 10...
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    November non-UConn recruiting thread

    I believe Hoopgurlz ranked Howard #32 but ASGR ranked her 8th.
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    November non-UConn recruiting thread

    Some of them are concerned about Pissott's commitment because since she isn't a consensus top 25 player and it does nothing to alleviate their angst over Kellie's ability to recruit elite talent. The other Vol Nation fans have to hype up Pissott in response to those fans.
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    November non-UConn recruiting thread

    Some The Vol Nation nation fans are comparing her to EDD and Stewie.
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    October 2020 UConn Recruiting Thread

    Aalyah Del Rosario and Kiki Rice are playing in this event.
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    October 2020 off-season transfer thread

    Any chance she will join up with her former coach over at UNC?
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    OT: RIP Whitey Ford

    It's safe to say Whitey could've had over 300 wins because he also missed the 1951 and 1952 seasons due to military service.
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    OT: RIP Whitey Ford

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    Fudd is down to UCLA and UConn

    Maybe so, but that undercuts the argument about Close not having talent while at a UCLA while labeling Graves at underachiever at Oregon.