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    SC Postgame Thread

    Urshural - I can't stand losing to Dawn Staley anytime so I hoping UCONN beats them the next 2X times they each other this season!

    SC Postgame Thread

    IMHO the main reason for the lack of rebounding, especially offensive, slow, ineffectively run offense, and overall not your usual UCONN play was the previous two games back to back that took away UCONN's legs and just wore the players especially the inexperienced players out mentally and...

    Hogs coach Mike Neighbors on UConn getting big win Sunday

    I have been impressed with Mike Neighbors since his early days at Washington as a coach and a person!

    OT: What was your most recent random thought? Mines...

    KBA, read the NL Day sometimes it's mind-blowing! When I was coaching the east Lyme HS Wrestling team the Day had a score on the first page of the Sports Section, Killingly 53 Monville 32. You go inside page and summary headline repeats the score then the article says Montville controlled the...

    My take on the Boneyard

    One aspect of the BONEYARD is even with people we disagree with there's a caring, friends first attitude. Through the years I've met some of you but the last 2-3 years my health has forced me to give up my season tickets. Over the last 8 years my health has gone off the deep end. with my heart...

    Returners, newcomers fighting for minutes on deep, talented team

    A lot of the heated discussions here about Nika is over people's personal opinions, which to me is neither right or wrong! It's that fan's impression of that player! Everyone has a right to their opinion! To attack someone over their opinion being different from yours is wrong, everyone here...

    First night video posted

    Jim, I think the First Night is for all UCONN WBB fans! I think this year inviting only UCONN students were for Covid-19 concerns. I think the talking suits are still forming the Covid-19 policies that will be fair and less burdensome for inside events.

    Returners, newcomers fighting for minutes on deep, talented team

    jchuskie, WHOA big Fella! I was just saying to cut her some slack she's doing the best she can! I know no one is treated different in Geno's program. You're making a mountain out of a mole hill! She was upset with the loss to Arizona because UCONN played their worst game of the season at the...

    Returners, newcomers fighting for minutes on deep, talented team

    In discussing Nika Muhl's work ethic or faults please remember Svet Abrasimova. Svet was 16 or 17 when she came to the USA from Russia to join the UCONN WBB program. If I remember correctly Svet was a stubborn player that fought Geno tooth and nail at every turn! Nika last year was as...

    First night video posted

    Carnac remember that's what UCONN used to do! Completely separate shows emphasis on WBB then MBB. Because of covid-19 you couldn't have a poster autograph session but the rest can be the same as in the past! This year just students but when fans were let in the two fan bases are different...

    First night video posted

    Thanks for posting!

    Paige Bueckers year 2

    Again I'll say my mantra that my only hope or wish is for UCONN WBB to be free from serious injuries and sickness! If they do they'll have the opportunity to accomplish great things!

    OT Where are the Yanks+Sox fans?

    Hi, I've been a NYY fan since the Dodgers ran to LA. Before the season the "talking suits" picked the NYY to win the Eastern Division of the American League and get to the World Series! It is frustrating to watch that much talent play the way this year's team has! Near the top in MLB in outs...
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