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    Husky Hoopla: Projected Starting 5 - another opinion

    If I'm not mistaken Geno said a while back that Paige's HS team ran an offense similar to UCONN's! So it's not a complete surprise or huge learning curve if she started. IMHO Geno and staff will coach this season out of their comfort zone! They have 7 NEW players (including Evina) 8 or 9...

    Jamelle Elliott returns to UConn, rediscovers passion for coaching

    Jamelle Elliott was such a unique player she created her own position at 5'11" she dominated rebounds and inside scoring! Too big for a wing but not as quick as a wing/SF! Her aggressiveness put her in a PF/C category but she was so Tough she "willed" her game to new heights! Every day, every...

    OT: Where were you on November 22, 1963

    I lived in the Bronx, NY. I was a Junior in HS in Manhattan. We were having tests so when my early test was finished I took the subway home. Someone on the train said President Kennedy was shot in Dallas! When I got to my apartment I turned on the TV and saw Walter Cronkite announce the...

    Azzi Fudd to UCONN

    About 2 weeks ago I predicted Azzi signing with UCONN because: 1. Both her parents played big time BB in college & after and would know what to look for in potential colleges. 2. If Azzi was serious about her BB future the only college that made sense was UCONN. 3. Having Paige Beukers as a...

    Azzi Four Schools Remain on List, Not Two.

    I've said several times before how I feel, "she who is not to be named" is planning on attending UCONN starting next year! As I have also stated previously, I am excessive compulsive, and over think everything! So while I'm spending time thinking I've come to several opinions about her and this...

    Edwards Next Pheesa?

    The best way to improve is to play top-flight competition day in & day out, and that is what Aaliyah, Paige, et al are doing now! They'll get knocked down now but it will payoff later! + they're blessed with the best HC and Best Coaching Staff there is that demands everything from every player...


    Usually each preseason you hear a discouraging word about one or two of the UCONN girls from Geno or the coaching staff! But this preseason has been all "hearts and flowers"! So I'm guessing things are going smoothly on campus! And the team might be ahead of schedule! Or just a 73 year old...

    Edwards Next Pheesa?

    Just IMHO I think by tournament time Aaliyah Edwards will be a better player than Boston! Having watched Boston last year several times and given room for improvement this year, then watched 4 or 5+ videos of Aaliyah, I think she will be more of a threat than Boston on both ends of the court...

    Edwards Next Pheesa?

    Hey Jingo, Any athlete can improve from wherever they start out to wherever they finish! So where Aaliyah is now I hope she improves during the season to have an impact on the team!

    Edwards Next Pheesa?

    Edwards reminds me of Ashja Jones in appearance but more important in her "game"! Aaliyuah and Asjha are 6'2" or 6'3". A great athletic solid body that can control play 15' to 18'! Hopefully Aaliyah can improve and become a great competitor that Ashja was!

    TV Coverage

    The channel I forgot is Big 10 Network! Ahhh, 73 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TV Coverage

    Hi Kurebeach5, I originally signed on COMCAST at $157.00, and 6 months later the tax went up so it went to 167.00 after 1 year it raises $20.00! But I was paying Directv/AT&T, & Frontier for home phone and computer, $257.00, so even with $20.00 raise I'm still good! $100.00 lower is sweet each...

    TV Coverage

    I had DIRECTV and anything AT&T touches they screw up! AT&T now owns DIRECTV so I went to XFINITY/COMCAST and pay $167.00 for home phone, computer, & Xfinity TV. I love it! I get about 180+ channels (no movies package) all the sports channels, CBS Sports, Fox 1, Fox2, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN News...

    Possible allotment of playing time

    I have recently watched 6+ videos of Nika Muhl an granted that some of the opponents were not high grade competition, as they say in the Midwest, "this dog can hunt"! Nika is extremely athletic and is strong in almost all areas of the game! I think the opposition on the BY to Nika will be...

    POLL: VOTE for starters this coming season

    I just have one question: Will Aaliyah have her black and purple & bright yellow hair on UCONN's team? With UCONN's/CD's rules, not drawing attention to one's self. See photo below: