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    UConn Football Rebroadcast of Inaugural Game @ Rentschler Field (9/3/20 @ 7p)

    That was fun, but bittersweet knowing what would transpire in CE and the general degradation of CF.
  2. RioDog

    UConn: Cancelling 2020 Season An Option? (Updated 8/5 to yes)

    Let the off-season begin! How's recruiting going?
  3. RioDog

    Columbus Wild Dogs (Semi off-topic)

    The red/orange eyes make it look like Jabba the Hutt.
  4. RioDog

    Get Well Serrano

    Get well Jimmy S.
  5. RioDog

    Major Announcement... TV? (Update>CBSSN)

    Great news. The state of the program is rising- gotta seize the opportunity and maintain the momentum with some winning ways. Would I be wrong in thinking that this would raise our status as a HC job when we have to go out and woo HCRE's eventual replacement? GO DOGS!
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    huskymedic et al.

    Ditto that.
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    2021 Recruiting Thread

    Go after the receiver #13 too. Kid can fly. In fact, can we recruit the entire O line and their OC too?
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    UConn NLI Early Signing Day Thread/Info for 12/18/19-12/20/19

    Great thread! Thanks Medic.
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    Matt Brown: UConn Expected To Reach TV Deal With SNY

    Bomba TV (also an IPTV provider), $25 a mont for a BAzillion channels- all sports platforms. Watched all UConn FB games via Bomba.
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    Sad news regarding CAHusky...

    Terrible. Too young. Condolences to his family and friends.
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    10 Year Anniversary of the Biggest Win in Program History

    As I recall that hit was at something like the 1/2 yard line, so half the distance would have put them at first and goal 3 blades of grass out, so almost certainly a score, and as you said probably a UConn loss.
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    10 Year Anniversary of the Biggest Win in Program History

    Uh-oh. Targeting. 1st and goal at the 1/2 yard line and #95 is ejected. But seriously great memories watching this in My Brother the Domer's living room. After the game it could not be spoken of in his presence, as if it had never happened.
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    Tailgate Menu for Navy Game...

    Hopefully we won't be needing a Bombay Oyster after the game.
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    We’ll need to be able to run the ball tonight.

    Agree. If I were the OC, wind permitting, I'd set up the run with short passing. A run-heavy slug fest with Navy won't go well. We need to take advantage of our speedy, talented receivers.