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    Confidence in Danny Going Forward

    Being blunt, these threads are stupid. Wait until after team lays egg to start this post? If you really felt this way, why not posted prior to last nights game? More likely, you were expecting a different outcome last night like most of us. It was a game. A poorly played game. Not a...
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    How can anyone defend Edsall?

    That was Randy at his finest.... No excuse on that. Of course, ECU takes it right back forcTD. its time to see Randy off. My god, how are these kids still playing for a coach that keeps putting them in positions to lose?
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    Team can’t take a punch....

    Up 13 on Illini, once they scored first touchdown, you could see entire team get down. No energy, no fight, nothing. If other team scores first, game over.
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    Team can’t take a punch....

    Seen it almost every game.... Team is still young but not much fight in these pups. a few players fought hard the whole game, but so many others just gave up. By late 2nd half, Navy was just men playing against boys.
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    Revisionist History

    Let’s just let UConn have this blowout win and not rationalize how they almost lost.
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    We play Army!

    Did it at Yankee Stadium!
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    the Future of Conference ...

    If you do that, schools get exposed. Of that group, someone will have to lose or they all split which could be even worse. These ‘alpha’ schools need the middlings to prop themselves up on. I don’t see this system getting below 65 or so. It’s not a coincidence the only schools to lose BCS...
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    It’s about Rivals ...

    Agree 100%. Temple or Cincy were the closest but don’t get anyone excited like BC, Syracuse, or even Rutgers. personally, never got too excited about Rutgers but they fit the bill too. after they left, there was nothing.
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    Benedict Sticks with Edsall -Craps on Players

    Isn’t that by definition stability??? :rolleyes:
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    Benedict Sticks with Edsall -Craps on Players

    I was going to like this, but then read the article. Creative interpretation of that quote. it’s pretty clear he’s speaking to the development of the team and building talent. Not at all suggesting the players we have aren’t the right players. I think this could be handled differently, but...
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    A contrarian View: Should He Stay of Should He Go?

    If you are going to ask RE to manage the program and continue to pay minimum for coaches then you have a revolving door for the staff. I’m not sold on RE. But not sure another coach is available, willing to come, and would put up with what RE does regarding coach pay. If there is, then...
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    What the heck happened to J-Z?

    What looks stupid is kid having good game, anointed savior of program, starter for rest of season and then pulled next game This program more than anything needs stability and leadership. The ship has the appearance of being rudderless right now and completely dependent on wind and...
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    Non-Key Tweets

    Isn’t he just saying what we know, UConn is the NCAA’s whipping boy. When other schools cheat, pull out the microscope on UConn.
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    Where would you like to see UConn be in football?

    Would like to compete. First for a simple bowl appearance more often than not. Then start to become a solid Top 50-60 program annually. Ultimately, rival ND as top independent on field.
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