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    Richie Springs sticking around

    Nice. This attitude isn't normal at all.
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    Kemba is finding his groove

    He did get taken advantage of in some matchups but he was playing on one leg
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    Donovan Clingan

    That pisses me off so much.
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    OT: Predict the 12-man USA Roster

    A couple of good teams getting knocked out in the first round of the season playoffs may be needed for the US to get some better players on this roster. Why isn’t Bradley Beal on here?
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    Anthony Davis or Nikola Jokic, who is better?

    Jokic is certainly better this season and is probably more valuable in the nba because he’s not injury prone like Davis. He’s also one of the best passers I’ve ever seen. As a fan, he’s also much more enjoyable to watch. With all of that being said, as shown in the playoffs last season, Davis is...
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    UConn Recruits this Weekend

    Thanks for the report! Donovan does have back to the basket moves and probably just had an awful game against Team Durant but the defense is certainly going to be an issue for him in college.
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    Mike Rehfeldt Returning to Cincy

    hahaha I watch Jeff's videos and Jesse has definitely made progress over the years.
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    OT: Felix Verdejo

    Crazy story. what a piece of crap. Verdejo was supposed to be a big star but has been a huge underachiever since turning pro. I saw him fight at MSG theater in 2015 or 2016 and he was such a disappointment that the PR fans that came to see him were booing.
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    Mike Rehfeldt Returning to Cincy

    Are Whaley and Polley going to have had 5 strength coaches since coming to uconn??
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    Mike Rehfeldt Returning to Cincy

    That sucks. But oh well, I know a guy who might be a good fit
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    2022 Recruiting: Clingan Top 8

    You’re right. In a short 40 minute game you can get beat by a hot shooting team at any time even if you are levels above them in talent. that reality is hard to swallow for a coach especially when every conference game is so important and tournament games are so single elimination. Maybe that’s...
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    Rocket Watts?

    Bouk had the mentality of being the man. We need someone else to bring that. Maybe it will be Hawkins or Diggins. It definitely won’t be someone with a timid mentality.
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    OT: New Kentucky Assistants

    I think so
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    2022 Recruiting: Clingan Top 8

    In our best shot blocking years, the defense actually funneled guards by them into shotblockers. It worked so well. Marcus Williams loved this, especially since he couldn't keep guys in front of him. This was also an era where guys can't shoot like they do now and there was maybe 2 guys on a...
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    Tyler Polley returning to UConn

    That one game when he was on fire he did use the crossover- to side step 3 combo...but overall you are right.

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