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    Highlights v. CCSU

    I missed these.
  2. Kenny11

    His Adama Sanogo

    We all love him already. NBA game has changed so much that he wouldn’t fit he’s going wreak havoc at uconn for at least 3 years
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    Chief’s Briefs - CCSU Edition

    I wasn’t home so I started watching the game on my phone with no sound. I was shocked that javonte brown Ferguson got the start....then I realized it was Tyler Polley lol. He really looks at least 6’10 out there.
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    No Springs? Javonte Brown Ferguson?

    we have too many guys. But with the bad injury luck we’ve had in recent years, it’s a good problem for now.
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    Tyrese Martin Suspended for CCSU Game

    Stupid rule. Sucks for Martin. Probably better for uconn tonight though as it’s one less guy hurley has to worry about giving minutes to against a bad team
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    The Athletic’s Way Too Early 2021 NBA Mock Draft

    You aren't wrong but nobody else highly-rated has done anything yet either.
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    UConn WBB pauses team activities due to positive COVID test

    yes, they typically do. This year, my guess is they are being advised not to.
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    Are we playing this week or not?

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    UConn has all the goods to go all the way

    If uconn stays healthy, we can be very very good. if uconn stays healthy, there’s also not enough minutes to go around for good players to get in a groove and for the team to have great chemistry. It’s not an accident that the team found their groove last season when injuries shortened the...
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    2023 Recruiting  Ray Allen III (No UConn Offer Yet)

    He must be getting a lot better rapidly, which isn’t surprising because it seems like Ray has been working really hard with his kids during the pandemic. Probably hitting a growth spurt too. But as far as I know, he wasn’t really thought of as any type of D1 prospect during his first year of...
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    What is your favorite potential Lineup?

    The dunk lineup: Gaffney Bouknight Jackson Martin Whaley
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    Andre Drummond Stays With Cavs

    I really don't like watching Andre play. He is frustrating because he makes the most basic mistakes on offense and defense...yet he can be so dominant. But he has never really played with a good point guard and the Cav's have the worst PG situation in the NBA with two young guys that have no...
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    Angst About Recruiting on the Syracuse Board

    It is 2020. The main thing that is different about basketball from decades ago is that shooting is much better and coaches finally encourage players to jack 3’s. To mostly play a zone in this environment is extremely stubborn and foolish. Also, it is so important for guys who want to make the...
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    Pitino: May Madness

    Covid sucks. It’s a serious and deadly pandemic that has had horrible effects throughout the world. One of those effects which we don’t even know the extent of yet is the mental and stress toll that it has produced on everyone, especially young people. Kids from elementary school to college have...
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    Ivy League

    Forget the fans...some people don’t seem to understand how devastating this is to the kids who play...whether it’s Ivy League, a higher level league, or even high school sports, these kids who are really hurt. They dedicate their lives to their sports and many attach being an athlete to their...