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Recent content by JustbrewitMan

  1. JustbrewitMan

    Sanogo out

    Don’t get me wrong, this sucks. That being said, one of the main ranting points of the last 2 weeks has been the detrimental effects of the “Sanogo Black Hole” on our offensive flow. I look at this as an opportunity to most likely see BETTER offensive flow, perhaps shake us out of our funk of...
  2. JustbrewitMan

    Sanogo out

    I bet Hurley will never sage smudge in the XL Center ever again.
  3. JustbrewitMan

    AJ - I don't see it

    People seem to forget (or deliberately ignore) the fact that AJ had about the equivalent of 1/4 of a freshman year due to injuries and COVID craziness. He’s really only at the equivalent of a little over halfway through a first year of D1 experience. Not Denying that he is still very raw and...
  4. JustbrewitMan

    Week 4 Games (Non-UConn)

    Bonnies struggled all game vs Coppin St. Teams have off nights and good nights…
  5. JustbrewitMan

    Best online platform to bet on college basketball?

    I've been having a blast on FanDuel and they throw a ton of bonus offers at you in the first month of signup. Up to a $1000 risk-free first bet. The app is very user-friendly, intuitive. They have had lines on just about all CBB games going on everyday (except for in-state teams). I have no...
  6. JustbrewitMan

    Hurley going all Kyrie Irving

    Also, maybe a better plan to cleanse the energy at the XL Center would be to just burn the whole place down and play all the games at Gampel!
  7. JustbrewitMan

    Hurley going all Kyrie Irving

    Given that I could only find video of Kyrie doing this in Dec 2020, since Hurley was doing this at URI, more appropriate thread title would be "Kyrie Irving going all Hurley" ???
  8. JustbrewitMan

    When This Kind Of Thing Happens

    UMES now 6-0 vs the spread. Perhaps they’re a better team than everyone, even the sharps, give them credit for. Looking forward to making some $$$ off them the rest of the year
  9. JustbrewitMan

    Scouting UMES

    They are 5-0 vs the spread this year. Have won some decent $$$ betting them the last 2 games.
  10. JustbrewitMan

    Isaiah Whaley Appreciation Thread

    Love Isaiah. Yea, his hesitancy to shoot the 3 in our first 4 games was odd. I loved that he had no hesitation in 3 big spots vs. VCU. It seems like he needs to just be instinctual, in game flow, and he'll let it fly when he should with good form. If he has too much time to think, it seems to...
  11. JustbrewitMan

    If you’d a told me 18th KenPom

    Polley, Whaley, CV would beg to differ with your view.
  12. JustbrewitMan


    I also found it comical that all they had for the refs to look at a replay was a 17” low-res monitor. You can buy a big 30”+ monitor nowadays for about $159.
  13. JustbrewitMan

    VCU UConn thoughts

    We have a lot of work to do. But all the issues are fixable with game film study, practice, and improved execution. Under Hurley, our teams have generally gotten better and better as the season has progressed. I’m still confident we are gonna be a top 10-15 team as we head into the last 1/4 of...
  14. JustbrewitMan

    Diggins Johnson Springs Time

    This thread is the Thanksgiving dinner table of bad takes! So many varieties to choose from… Thank you coachn for your generosity during this special time of year.
  15. JustbrewitMan

    A game like this is just what the doctor ordered!

    All you knuckleheads lamenting that we have no shooters… crow for dinner tomorrow!
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