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    James Bouknight UConn Career Highlight Mixtpe

    How was the ECU dunk not on this???
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    Happy 77-74!

    Duck Fook.
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    So Who You Rooting For Now??

    Rooting for next season to hurry up and get here.
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    Will there be basketball rule changes in the future?

    Rodney Purvis just smiled hearing this.
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    James Bouknight - Ring Of Honor?

    Elite eight then yes. No matter what though goes down as an all time UConn great. Only 2 years instead of 3 for most of his compatriots, and injuries and COVID have made it more like 1 year. if you just look at his games played within his control he absolutely should be in the conversation...
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    Who leads the team in scoring next year?

    Hawkins will be leading scorer if you only count last 10 games of the year.
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    Fans for Saturday at Gampel (Poll)?

    I would cut off my left (pick one) to go to the game on Saturday with my family.
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    Tonight at 9:15 - Big East After Dark with John Fanta

    What does he see if UConn goes 1-2 to close out in terms of seed ? 2-2? Loses in BE final? wins be tourney?
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    Updated Resume (2/24)

    Lol. I think. Thinking of them dunking (Jamison or Vince carter?) in the last two minutes of that game still gets my blood up.
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    Updated Resume (2/24)

    Anyone saying they will root for UNC should go sit in the corner. I am not over 98 and never will be. Shame on you.
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    This team will never take the next step with Hurley as coach

    Needs a semicolon not a second comma
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    Podcast with Amida Brimah

    One thing I wish you asked him, or maybe If you get Jalen Adams on, is what they think about G League vs playing overseas and the balance between wanting to get paid while they can vs. the goal of making the NBA. Would apply to any of our guys in G League really. Interested what they would say.
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    Podcast with Amida Brimah

    Great interview. Keep them coming. That was a fun one. And gampel really was that loud against Florida.
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