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    2020 UConn O-Line

    Do we have a dedicated OL Coach?
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    Transfer portal - outbound

    I guess we'll see how this "bunch of babies" (and it's a pretty big bunch) works out for their new coaches. And we'll also see how things go for Randy when he's all out of scapegoats. These "babies" may be right or may be wrong. But it's not just one disgruntled guy and I support their right to...
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    Who's Left At Practices?

    It has to be that much more of a grind and less productive without enough bodies at practice. I really admire our fight, but being so shorthanded you have to wonder how long we can sustain even these close losses.
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    That would translate to 90% of the teams we play.
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    Hurley is not a good in-game coach

    We simply don't have the players that can put a game away late. I will say that I felt this was the perfect game to start Whaley over Carlton and Carlton proved me right. Under no circumstance should he play ahead of Whaley. I like him but it isn't working.
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    Transfer portal - outbound

    We bought this Edsel on the cheap and we're keeping it another year.
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    Transfer portal - outbound

    Respect? Hopefully the words you were looking for was trust in their commitment. Not sure why every player that goes in the portal should suddenly be disrespected. Except on the Boneyard.
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    2020 Recruiting: Cliff Omoruyi Top 5

    So I think we can find him some minutes.
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    The Natty

    So there's a game tonight and Clemson leads 7-0
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    Momentum Changing Calls

    When you just got jobbed does it matter how you look on a message board? Happy we played well and even with horrible shooting, Josh's great finishing and some poor decisions, we actually willed our way into deserving the win. As I said in chat someone needs to be lobbing 100 balls at Josh after...
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    Polley Tears ACL

    Feel really bad for him. Big weapon lost just as he was breaking out and expanding his game. This one hurts.
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    Transfer portal - outbound

    If anyone was actively pushing out Tyler Coyle they should be run out of town. Connecticut guy who kept getting better every year with a hurricane swirling around that entire defense with so many changes.
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    USF Tickets Floor sections require fans to not wear opposing teams colors.

    Baskethoop don't care what color the fan's are wearing as long as we keep dropping them in and shutting down at our end. Wear tiger stripes USF! Don't care!
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    Strange thing about Carlton

    Or just how to jump! Anything else he does while he's up there would be a bonus.
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    2019-2020 Bowl Game Thread

    Thought I'd start a Bowl Game Thread for any who are interested. Nice job by Buffalo putting it to Charlotte in the Bahamas Bowl. Next up Utah St vs Kent St later tonight.