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    best beach in CT

    Is Waterford Beach even doing Day Passes? Website is confusing and seems to indicate you might need a season pass. Not sure that makes sense during the week at this point.
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    Tyrese Martin has my total respect.

    The guys whose pets ate their letters of intent got waivers and now we start to get cute.
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    No Full Contact High School Football in CT this year...

    Back to HS this seems like poor leadership here. The kids have been practicing for weeks. I've been watching baseball and softball games take place with teams in dugouts for over a month. Absent any practice issues/outbreaks this seems unfair to the athletes and coaches working hard to do the...
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    RIP John Thompson

    Sorry to hear this. Clearly a giant in the world of Big East Basketball and legendary Coach. But of course much more than that to friends, family and players. RIP Coach.
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    How quickly things can change.

    At her age she'll need significant help. Sounds way worse than my tib-fib at 40 but the surgery was botched so I got to have a re-break 18 months later. Good doctor, smart parents and a little help she might be joking about it by Thanksgiving. Good luck to all of you. The first time she drops...
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    College football facing harsh reality with students returning to campus (Thamel)

    They're all exhibition games now. The kids are gonna go nuts cocooning for canceled/re-scheduled games.
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    College football facing harsh reality with students returning to campus (Thamel)

    Would love to see this work but the drip drip, then whoosh of cases on campus is likely to overwhelm the resolve of administrators and faculty at some point. This virus isn't something we can put on our timeline. It's dependent on one thing. Our behavior. If it was just healthy students willing...
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    Hitting the gym. HARD!

    Gaffney seems like a steady development guy. He makes it his business to make everyone else better. Gaining the confidence to make some clutch shots will separate him from the pack. Hoping and believing he gets there.
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    Journal Inquirer article: A 2-for-1 deal at UConn

    Somebody's bound to get hot.
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    ACC 2020 Schedule: 10+1?

    Take your word if you have direct contact and that may be the intention. But there's also an awareness of what makes for good public consumption. We'll see.
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    ACC 2020 Schedule: 10+1?

    Sounds like only the athletes will be on campus. Imagine that. The student body pays for school and stays home while the scholarship Athletes have run of the entire campus.
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    Rothstein: CBB season verdict coming mid-Sept

    Vaccine by January? Is that realistic? Safe, effective and widely distributed?
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    Big Ten, parents, players, revolt.

    Meanwhile UNC Chapel Hill is shutting down the classrooms because of outbreaks. The clock is ticking not just on sports but in person classes.
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    2020 UConn Football Commit/Transfer - Kevin Dunn (Berlin CT)

    Great job by the coaches and thanks to Max and Tim. Welcome Kevin Dunn!