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    Crystal Ball Misses

    Literally take with a grain of salt... recruiting is not a science and things change. Or a cousin tells a reporter one thing and it is wrong or old
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    OT: Best Pizza in CT

    E &D in avon is not bad for Farmington valley
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    UConn - All Warrior Team

    Dyson has to be on this list
  4. husky99

    Rahsool Diggins the recruiter

    Sign up who ever says yes 1st. And if the other says yes then sign then both up
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    Kenya Hunter Potential Replacement

    Looks like webster is out... joy of following recruiting and coaching
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    Kenya Hunter Potential Replacement

    Not vs anyone... sometimes we hear different rumors etc.
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    Kenya Hunter Potential Replacement

    Hearing some webster ast coach at uconn talk
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    Kenya Hunter Potential Replacement

    Hearing probably not Kfree. But could be choice C if needed. Word i am hearing is coach is moving from the uconn family approach to his coaching bench and more toward recruiting recruiting recruiting . Get the coach who has the best connection and can foster relationships they might already have
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    Kenya Hunter to Indiana

    Word i heard was hunter was going to turn it down. But Indiana made a last minute push. Not if $ or job title etc
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    Kenya Hunter to Indiana

    Boo. Best of luck
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    Did you ever meet a celebrity that acted like a jerk?

    Ran into a drunk Jose Canseco in a Seattle bar in 1999. He was blasted and starting fights. His boys pulled him out
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    Bouknight on the NBA

    I read that as Bouknight to the NBA... Started to well up
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    New Clingan Video

    You can not teach 72 260.. staff will fix any issues with form
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    OT: What sports cards / memorabilia are you collecting?

    I collect uconn nation title t shirts. But i need a new one soon
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    Kenya Hunter Leaving?

    Bloomington > storrs purely on college towns. High school friend did undergrad and grad there. I have never been but friend had been to storrs and said yikes.