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    Binge Watching Suggestions?

    The original run of Miami Vice (Free on the NBC app.) I was 7 when it first came out, but my brother never missed an episode. I just got done with the Pilot (Brother's Keeper). It's pretty mature for a 7 year old, even in the mid '80s. My mid 40s might be a good time to give the other 111...
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    2021 UConn Football Commit - Daniel Antolovich (Kiental Switzerland

    Sign me up for a 6'-7" 300 lb freshman everyday of the week.
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    OT: Home Generator

    We need one in the current house because we are on a well. The old house was on city water and sewer. So my wife didn't exactly complain, but I think she had other things prioritized. I have friends who packed up as much food as they could and went to a hotel after Isaias. I remember telling...
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    PT: Covid positivity rate drops below 5% nationally.

    As a private business, they don't need a reason to close their bathrooms to the public. What is so special about the restroom at Goodwill? Heated seat?
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    OT: Home Generator

    Yes. They a really no louder than a lawnmower or snowblower. Not to mention that you don't have to be as close to it while in use and every other house has one in the neighborhood. It beats twiddling your thumbs and waiting for the food to spoil.
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    More Needs to be Said about Whalley

    Oh, is that all? 😁
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    OT: Home Generator

    Bough an emergency unit and had a hookup installed a year ago, December. The electrician who did the hookup and interlock informed us that wattage is less important than amperage. That said, we have a 6500w/30 amp Generac with a push button start option. During the 5 day outage following...
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    More Needs to be Said about Whalley

    I think all three of us are saying something similar.
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    More Needs to be Said about Whalley

    He's not out there for his offense. Granted, UConn does not win last night without his O, but whatever he gives on that end is a bonus.
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    More Needs to be Said about Whalley

    Whaley's improvement over the course of the season screams Kevin Freeman's influence as an undersized 4. He's really improved from what I saw vs. DePaul in late December. I have a nice dry rub that I use on chicken and pork. Can I smoke the crow before I eat it?
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    RJ Cole looks much more settled and confident

    Apropos of nothing... I don't know if it's been mentioned yet, but my favorite thing about Cole's game is when penetrants and either lays it in or takes an off balance shot, the announcers get beside themselves with a, "WITH HIS LEFT!" Cole is left handed. (It's the little things...)
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    Seton Hall Start Time????

    So that means 9:00 for me.
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    Red Sox 2021 Thread

    They are down a lot of material. I don't really have any expectations other than a better pitching staff than what I'd be able to see at Dunkin' Donuts Park. Last season was just so strange. With no fans, there was no energy. It absolutely emphasized that games are too long and the nickel and...
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    UConn Spring Football 2021 begins...

    It's tiny, but an underrated part of college football are the players with non-traditional numbers. I love to see linebackers in the 30s (Lutrus, Pearcy Price was #22 in '98, IIRC. That was fun), a non-QB/K/P with a single digit (except for #1. Not a big fan of #1), a DB in the teens, or a DL...
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    UConn Spring Football 2021 begins...

    Hmm. We'll see, I suppose.
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