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    Happy 77-74!

    I received a basketball autographed by the 99 team the morning we left for Tampa. Just threw in my trunk and drove down. I still believe I could have sold that thing for $5000 within the first hour after the game.
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    OT: Once Upon A Time or Do You Remember When?

    Winky Dink and you. Used to write all over the tv screen. Smilin’ Ed McConnell. “Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy.” Johnny Yuma. The Rebel. Steve McQueen.
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    OT: Once Upon A Time or Do You Remember When?

    My mother telling me to go to the park and play; come back home for supper. If she did that today, she'd be jailed for neglect. Uniforms at my catholic schools. Sister Ita rapping me across my knuckles with a ruler. Loving it when the girls wore patent leather shoes. 25 cent haircut; (50 cents...
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    Cluess out at Iona - Pitino?

    From Cluess to Clueless
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    Our consecutive final four record is still intact [merged]

    is that this keeps our streak of Final Fours alive.
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    Appropriately... we made it!

    According to the Bilas Index, we made the dance as the #56 team in. Let's put up another banner in Gampel.
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    College football must innovate as FBS attendance dips for sixth straight year to lowest since 1996

    While there are certainly some truth in much of what appears above, I believe that conference realignment is a root cause of decreasing attendance. It used to be that teams had several natural rivalries that people got excited about and looked forward to. Those rivalries have been reduced and...
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    Clinigan Enjoying the game

    No doubt about it. When he commits to us, he'll forever be known as Worf.
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    The Bouk Club Section 221 USF Update

    He's absolutely becoming the face of the program. Over the past 6 games, his numbers are spectacular: 20.0 ppg. Shooting 47.3% from the field (even with a 6 for 18 game). 48.0% from the arc. 85.7% (18 for 21 from the line.) 4.5 rpg including 8 offensive rebounds of 27. He can only get...
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    Generational Players-when can you tell?

    So if a “generational” player is based on championships, Dan Marino and Barry Bonds are not ‘generational’ despite their career accomplishments! Tyler Olander is???
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    Calhoun and Company

    I'll always love Rod Sellars for his defense on Chrissy Laettner.
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    Matt Peart -> NFL Combine (2/23 -> 3/2)...

    And if fecal matter were gold, we'd all be rich. Really?????
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    Maybe we shouldn't foul so much!!!
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    2020 Season Tickets? Renewing or not?

    I live in South Carolina, so I haven't been to many games for years. I've bought tickets for the past 5 years, just to show some support, with the proviso that they are used to get asses in seats, i.e. families of recruits, donors or potential donors, kids from the area, etc. Even went to the...
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    This is not good.

    Not to be a stickler, but the line comes from The Secret of the Sierra Madre, not Blazing Saddles. Although Blazing Saddles may be one of the top 3 movies ever made. They just couldn't make that one today.