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    Generational Players-when can you tell?

    So if a “generational” player is based on championships, Dan Marino and Barry Bonds are not ‘generational’ despite their career accomplishments! Tyler Olander is???
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    Calhoun and Company

    I'll always love Rod Sellars for his defense on Chrissy Laettner.
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    Matt Peart to NFL Combine (2/23 -> 3/2)...

    And if fecal matter were gold, we'd all be rich. Really?????
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    Maybe we shouldn't foul so much!!!
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    2020 Season Tickets? Renewing or not?

    I live in South Carolina, so I haven't been to many games for years. I've bought tickets for the past 5 years, just to show some support, with the proviso that they are used to get asses in seats, i.e. families of recruits, donors or potential donors, kids from the area, etc. Even went to the...
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    This is not good.

    Not to be a stickler, but the line comes from The Secret of the Sierra Madre, not Blazing Saddles. Although Blazing Saddles may be one of the top 3 movies ever made. They just couldn't make that one today.
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    Worse game ever?

    Tu (freaking) lane -- 63-60.
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    Unexcused Absence: Why Is College Football Attendance Tanking? (SI)

    I believe there is a more insidious reason for dwindling attendance, not only for college football, but all sports. Much of what hardcore said is likely true. But over time, money has attacked and diminished the integrity of all games and that leads to people blowing off actual attendance. If...
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    Bring back the white dog

    At would seem that we have all the evidence we now need. Since the University made the decision to retire the old friendly, white Jonathan as our mascot, all we've had is pain. It's clear that moving to the new wolf-like Husky has resulted in losing seasons for at least men's basketball...
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    Giants next head coach?

    Anyone who can get them to 0-16. I hate the Giants. At least until they play the Plowboys.
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    Keeping Randy Edsall

    You guys are clearly wack jobs. Edsall isn’t going anywhere for at least a year and maybe two. Then you can get a read on whether he’s going in the right direction. By right direction, I mean winning seasons...7-6; 8-5; we’re never going to be a lot better than that, maybe an occasional 9-3...
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    Of Course This Diet Came From A UConn Baller

    Hey! Cut him some slack. This diet works. Every time I put my beer can down, it weights less than when I picked it up.
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    So What's Next?

    Yeah. But we no longer have a conference