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    COVID Vaccination

    When you get a vaccine is almost entirely a mix of luck and effort. There are no tips aside from bookmarking sites and visiting them often. In late January, I spent several hours over a period of a week trying to get my mother an appointment. I managed to get her one in late March at a mass...
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    There were a few different tee shirts for the BYC. I think the first one was white. I know there were hats for a while because I have one.
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    OT: Rivals Board Resurgence?

    I was unaware that Rivals still existed, so I assure you that I am not posting there.
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    2020 Recruiting: Rich Kelly - In Transfer Portal

    No. double checks to make sure he has not accidentally logged on the Marist College basketball board Definitely, no.
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    Job posting (no joke, guys)

    I would like to apply. However, please be advised that I would not be available to actually do any work in person - my contribution would be limited to Facetiming into a job site and pointing out icky things that need cleaning and then doing something else while the ick is remediated.
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    2021 Recruiting: Pitt's Xavier Johnson Transferring

    Have you see this thing we’re calling the “recruiting class?” It contains such a player.
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    2021 Recruiting: Pitt's Xavier Johnson Transferring

    Anyone who thinks we should go after the Pitt kid should have his account deleted right after he’s punched in the throat.
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    Kenya Hunter made a mistake.

    0% chance.
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    Nimari Burnett Texas Tech Transfer

    Don’t recruit other people’s problems.
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    Scotch thread

    It reminds me of both, too. What I think they did really well was lean way in on the rum cask. It’s not a bourbon finished in a rum cask, it’s their whiskey diverted to a rum cask instead of an oak barrel. If you enjoyed this, there are some rums that you would enjoy sipping. (Zacapa comes to...
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    Beer Thread

    The problem with these breweries is that at some point, it is too expensive to remain small.
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    Why do we have Whaley and Sanogo both setting screens at the 3 point line?

    Double ball screens are hardly unique in basketball.
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    Beer Thread

    I’m protesting beer until the IPA and crazy name fad is over. I’m thinking about starting a microbrewery that I will name “Beer.” Our beers, which will not include any IPAs, will be called “Beers.”
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    Scotch thread

    Personally, the rum is head and shoulders for me. I’m not quite sure what to say about the Port Finish yet. I had it before, but this is batch 8 and it’s... “something.” Honestly, it’s almost just a rye. I’m guessing these port barrels were not on their first or second fill here. (Edit: The...
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